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If you play first-person shooters on your PC, the very mention of the original Crysis brings to mind lush jungle beauty brought to life by a graphics engine so impressive and flexible that it remains the visual benchmark to which all other PC games are held. Crysis 2 does an admirable job of living up to the original's reputation of sheer technical prowess, though the visuals aren't as immediately impressive as you may expect. But this sequel still looks great and plays that way too. The jungle is now of the urban variety--New York City to be precise. You make your way through office buildings, across crumbling bridges, and around broad city squares, where robotic aliens infest hallways and swarm across rooftops. Large environments give you room to maneuver and grant you freedom to approach battle in a number of ways, which makes Crysis 2 a great alternative to the plethora of first-person shooters that usher you down corridors on your way to the next action movie set piece.

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ultimate-remag2770d ago

good score...pickin it up 2day.....

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Hanuman2769d ago

True JJohan35! I've spent more time in the map editors on Crysis pc, Halo 3 and Farcry 2 than I did on the actual games. Map editors f*cking rule!

hiredhelp2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

map editors does rock. i did good many years of map making farcry instincs,preditor and fc2.

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M-Easy2770d ago

So every game is an 8.5 these days.

chadwarden2770d ago

At least they're not dishing out 10s to every big name game.

Takoulya2769d ago

Thank you. At least the lower scores leave room for improvement. I just hate that older games such as 2006-2007 games sometimes get higher scores than more recent games because of people saying how much better the older games were because of their metacritic. Standards change, but people don't seem to realize it.

bluwulf2769d ago

Thank you what?

Call of Duty always gets 9's+10's..
GTA always gets 9+10's

wake up. Apply your same standards to everything.

PotatoClock2769d ago

They reserve 10s for the companies that pay the big bucks.
Seriously its completely stupid that the companies that actually have a good crack at making a decent, exciting and different game in the FPS genre don't get any recognition at all because they'd rather give 9s and 10s to half-assed COD crap that is served every year with a side of DLC.

Can anyone truely say that Black Ops is better in quality than KZ3, BC2 and now C2?

acky12769d ago


Maybe not quality but a good argument could be made that COD is more fun than those games...which is really what matters when you're playing video games.

Played through KZ2 but not sure why, really didnt have fun with it...KZ3 demo didnt excite me either. As far as first person shooters this gen go, COD4 has yet to be beat on the fun factor for me.

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ELite_Ghost2769d ago

they're saving that 10 for uncharted 3 ;)

slimy the g8ter2770d ago

uh oh separate ps3 review,we have a poopstorm on out hands

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cochise3132770d ago

I'm a sucker for fps's. I have this at home waiting for me. I didn't like the mp but the campaign seems like it will be satisfying.

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