Microsoft bosses again show they can't handle creative types

John C. Dvorak reports for Dow Jones MarketWatch:

It's now official that Bungie Software and Microsoft have split... while this does look like a win-win for both sides, it doesn't bode well for Microsoft management, which showed that it can't handle creative types. The rap against the company has always been that it can't really invent anything new and has to copy someone else's ideas. It's constantly chided for copying everything Apple does.

This episode both reaffirms this notion while giving us insight into the reason that Microsoft is so derivative. It simply does not have the management skills to both nurture and direct creative people...

Don't expect any big financial impact... but it remains worrisome that Microsoft couldn't maximize from the benefit of having a group of highly creative individuals within its ranks... the apparently dysfunctional corporate culture in Redmond drove away some great talent. This is obviously endemic, and this episode isn't ending on a positive note for the future of Microsoft.

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WilliamRLBaker4492d ago

wow rounded peg you got another story about the exact same thing approved, This article is written by the same guy that wrote the other article for CNN money using nearly all the same words, and its about the same subject too.

ktchong4492d ago

Hm. What are the "exact same words"?

PimpHandHappy4492d ago

MS shows they dont look BEYOUND when it comes to technolgy


They use others idea's and make them there own

mandrake4492d ago

This may in fact be the way MS figured out it can preserve and cultivate Bungie's freewheeling creativity, and may serve as a model for the way MS will manage its relationships with creative talent in the future. Don't be surprised if MS creates more Bungie-type relationships in the future.

ktchong4492d ago

If Microsoft can't internally handle creative people and an innovative culture, they might as well just "outsource" creativity and innovation to outside companies - instead of just swallowing up and directly controlling other smaller companies that are actually creative and innovative, because that's just gonna end up killing the small companies' creativity and innovations.

secur1ty9114492d ago

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Microsoft you blow big ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

segasage4492d ago

the only people that it effect or who should care is xbox fans.

i don't see why anybody else cares, especially if they have never touched halo or liked bungie's most successful game?

this will be similar to insomniac and sony, nothing more nothing less.. i don't care.

good luck bungie make anew game...

jaja14344492d ago

<---360 fan. I still don't really care.

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The story is too old to be commented.