IGN: Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 bears the weight of heavy expectations on its shoulders. PC gamers want a new system-crushing game to show off their hardware, and console players were promised the “best-looking game ever.” In the wake of Modern Warfare’s ascension, Crysis fans worried that the series’ expansion to consoles would lead to a narrow, dumbed-down experience.

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pangitkqb4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Great scores all around. I'm thrilled for Crysis 2!

I actually finished playing through Crysis Warhead for the second time last night just to prepare for this sequel. I'm glad to see Crytek delivered.

Active Reload4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

9.5 for graphics at the same time saying it's the best looking console game? They must be holding that 10 for Uncharted or Gears...


"This is the best-looking console game to date. It eschews the dark, hyper-filtered visual style of games like Killzone and Gears of War for beautiful, ubiquitous light."

Reading is fundamental...

Schism204333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

He said it was the best Xbox 360 console game to date.

@hassi I didnt read it I watched the video review and he said in the video review best looking 360 game learn to listen.

hassi944333d ago

@Schism no he didn't. He said the Xbox version of Crysis 2 is the best looking console game. Learn to read.

LOGICWINS4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Mentioning Uncharted and a Crysis 2 article? What the hel....

*checks comment history*

Oh now I get it.

@GrieverSoul- Graphics are a very subjective thing. I don't think any of us have the right to knock someone for having a different opinion than you or me concerning graphics.

EDIT: Active bad, didn't read that part...he's still entitled to his opinion, just like you are.

GrieverSoul4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )


"Crysis 2 on Xbox 360 has taken the crown for best graphics in a console game. It's well animated and the effects are great, but light is always the star of the show."

Oh yes... they went that road. They incite the flame wars that have been raging for years. This quote right here will echo throughout N4G for years to come.

IGN... what happened to you?!

Edit: This review is for X360 only. The PS3 review can be found here:

This story needs to change the title for X360 review. Even though its on the right channel, just my opinion.

zootang4333d ago

Ign = NewsCorp = Fox News = Propaganda.

Brianna4333d ago

from the Gamespot review:

"The high ambitions of the production elements nevertheless take their toll. Textures and objects can be distracting as they pop into view, and the frame rate doesn't always retain a slick pace. Visual glitches can also annoy. You might run into occasions on which the depth-of-field blur breaks, causing everything to appear out of focus. Moving an emplaced gun might cause objects seen through its sights to smear together."

sure doesn't sound like the "best looking console game"

Brianna4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Gametrailers rated the presentation 9.5, lower than the 9.7 they gave to Killzone 3 and the 9.8 they gave Uncharted 2

it's funny how the once biased GT is now a trusted source for reviews and the former biggest site in gaming is now just proganda and lies

LOGICWINS4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Fanboys and consistent arguments never go together.

You hear so much crap about how CVG is biased...but when they give Yakuza 4 a 9.0...all is forgiven.

Its funny, I hear how biased and horrible IGN is on this all the time. My question is: Why do you people CONTINUE to click/comment on IGN articles? Its like you guys NEED drama in your lives for some reason.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34333d ago

Lol @ Active Reload's disagrees!

Brianna4333d ago

from the G4TV review:

"It performs just as well as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions and high-end PCs will actually show a slight visual improvement by comparison"

hassi944333d ago

"it's funny how the once biased GT is now a trusted source for reviews and the former biggest site in gaming is now just proganda and lies"

Haha classic. So whenever something suits your opinion it's 'trusted' and whenever it differs from your opinion it's 'propaganda and lies' (I took the time to spell 'proganda' properly there).

Truly pathetic typical crap to come out of a fanboy.

Aquanox4333d ago

Xbox 360 version of Crysis 2 is the best looking console game to date. How cool is that? It's a pitty that Crytek couldn't make the PS3 version look and run as good. Being it the best looking game around it tells a lot about the Xbox 360 untapped power.

Good job Crytek!

superadvanced4333d ago

too bad its not the best looking pc game to date. too bad crysis 1 looks the same if not better. too bad all the particles just fall through the floor unlike killzone 2/3 where they bounce around realistically.

Pixelated_Army4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

And beautiful as Crysis 2 looks it does not beast Killzone 3 not by a long shot!

If IGN is making the claim that this is the best looking game on any console then they're full of sh*t and their bias knows no bounds.

All the screenshots posted here do not represent the actual quality of the PS3 version. You have to take into account how the images were taken. If done on a windows PC then the gamma is fucked from the beginning (Wintel gamma levels are awful)because I'm playing Cry2 and the screenshot of the yellow and black garbage bags look nothing like the blurred shot that were taken. I don't know if it was done on purpose or if it was the software that was used to capture but PS3 version looks great!

And when you lower in-game brightness to 0% even better!

My settings
Display rez: 720p locked
RGB Limited
Super White off
in-game Brightness: 0%

Going to try to play with RGB/Super White and see if it has any affect.

My recommendation is to check it out for yourself it's definitely a fun game.

Back to Crysis 2! whoo!

NanoSoldier4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

PS3 Homies, don't let you fool by IGN. I'm trusting in just on one Review Site and that's

They gave Killzone 3 a "10" for graphics and Crysis 2 a "9". I've been listening to them for years now and they were never wrong according to their reviews.

The only thing they said about the Xbox Version of Crysis is that it looks quite a bit sharper and that's it and the did not write such BS like the 360 version is the best looking console game ever, honestly, that sounds so pathetic and dumb.


CryofSilence4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Best looking console game? Not a chance. It's been long known that IGN has a strong against Sony. Even Gametrailers, who have had something resembling a bias though toned down, gave KZ3 a UC2 a 9.7 and 9.8, respectively, on presentation and Crysis 2 a 9.5.

paintsville4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Well the reviewer said it all with , " Crysis 2 on Xbox 360 has taken the crown for best graphics in a console game."
I agree and runs burttery smooth. PS3 version...not so much and there's that pesky "mandatory" install.

MaxXAttaxX4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Does he actually believe the 360 version is better despite the proof!?

Frame rate?
Play through the game or watch online walkthroughs, you'll find that the frames on the PS3 version are far from detrimenting.

Missing effects?
Dude, the 360 version is missing an entire light source.
At this point, I can see this guy is just making shit up.

Do they actually believe that the harsh contrast seen in 360 games is a "good" thing.

The overall visuals (detail, lighting, contrast, etc) on PS3 look closer to the PC version than 360.
I don't like that harsh contrast on 360. Losing detail in dark areas is not my thing.

Further proof:


So yeah, GTFO, IGN Xbox 360 editor guy.
[NOTE] That same guy did the PS3 review as well. What the hell.

MaxXAttaxX4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

That dark crush in the harsh contrast of the 360 version hides detail.
I can't even see the detail on their clothes because 360 makes things so dark.
Also, notice those textures.

frostypants4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

It's NOT the best looking console game, by a long shot. It's not even the best looking 360 game. One would have to be blind or delusional to say such a thing. The pop-in alone kills that possibility...nevermind other issues.

What is this guy smoking...

miyamoto4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Never let reviewers play with your own opinion, real gamers. You must learn to prove by yourselves.

finbars754333d ago

To me it doesn't really matter.I have been playing the game and it's not that impressive at all.the lighting looks good and that's graphics not even close.drakes and killzone still look more far the game is lackluster and boring.say what you want but until you play other games that are impressive then you can't say much about crysis unless it's the pc version.

starchild4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

Crysis 2 does have the best graphics on consoles. Only the most diehard PS3 fanboys are denying it. Doesn't change the truth.

The IGN review isn't the only review to say it either, other reviewers have expressed similar thoughts.

"We’re hardly going out on a limb when we say that Crysis 2 is the best looking shooter we’ve laid eyes on. Crysis 2 is always a pleasure to gaze."

"Crysis 2 is outstanding in almost every department, not least its visuals, which are the very best either PS3 or Xbox 360 has to offer right now."

" Whatever they did to optimize the code, it worked. Crysis 2 does run on consoles, and it does so beautifully. We’re calling it now: Crysis 2 is possibly the best-looking console game ever."

"Who knows how Crytek managed to squeeze Cry Engine 3 onto the consoles while maintaining such extraordinary level of detail? But this world sits next to Uncharted 2's as the most detailed and well-expressed yet seen on our TVs."

"From the details of trees, shadows, the tall skyscrapers of New York and explosions, players can expect to be stunned and amazed by the graphics. With the more than ten missions that Crysis 2 has to offer, expect to see environments that truly show the power of the Cry Engine 3. I find Crysis 2′s visuals to be superior to similar shooters like Call of Duty: Black Ops or Killzone 3."

Theonetheonly4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

Dude the reviewer's not wrong he's just not a jaded N4G/PS3 club member.

hes approaching this from a gaming standpoint with an open mind. not a mind full of elitist views or preconceived fanboyist notions. he represents the average gamer not the killchartedzonestation gang of fanboy.

and most will agree with him just not the UNBELIEVABLY biased n4g community (scoffs at the multiple people calling IGN biased, as if they arent.

Im about 9 hours in on 1920x1200, extreme, veteran and am having a blast!!!
this game is fukkin sweet.


its good to real real reviews and no bias crap

if kz3 had A.I. problems graphical glitches could you imagine the scores?

only gamesradar and ign are praising the graphics even eurogamer admit it doesnt touch ps3 exclusives,the IGN reviewers bio admits that he prefers 360 ,his trophy score is a FOUR his gamer score over 45,000

the same guy reviewed the ps3 version and rants on framerate and graphical issues yet nearly every other review ive read claim it as the superior version even crytek themselves have called out ign on this.

its sad that respected sites like ign allow bias reviewers to write articles fabricating the trith to such an extent.

Vherostar4332d ago

You can argue all you want about what he said about graphics but just like everybody else who has talked about it its there opinion. So get over it will you? In terms of sheer graphical power Killzone 3 leaves it in the dust but this game has lots of fancy effects games like KZ don't have which has upped the graphics for the reviewer where it wouldn't for other reviewers. What I don't get though is the games they do give 10/10 for graphics like GTA IV and yet this only a 9.5?? Absolute nuts if he really does think its the best looking console FPS to date then shouldn't it get 10/10? This is why I think hes trying to justify the 360 over ps3 arguement in his review still even after being proved wrong.

morganfell4332d ago

@Active Reload,

Although Uncharted 3 will undoubtedly raise the graphics roof, IGN is completely unreliable. They gave GTA IV a 10 for graphics. In doing so they stated they awarded a 10, not because a title was perfect but because it pushed the envelope.

That means at the time, IGN felt there was not a better looking game out there. Really? Really?

antz11044332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

LMAO, it still got a 9/10 so seriously who cares?

Why don't all the people bitching just get off their asses and go play it? Its still going to be awesome.

lociefer4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

lol look at wut they wrote on the ps3 review * Graphics
Crysis 2 looks great on PS3, but a worse framerate, lower resolution, and missing effects compared to the 360 release hurt it. PS3 owners expect more*
they just couldnt help but being assholes and defying crytek

MaxXAttaxX4332d ago

What does review scores have to do with anything?

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ImHereNow4333d ago

Best looking console game

360 is a beast

MariaHelFutura4333d ago

What are you talking about? The game is on the ps3 aswell. Some of you people are psyco.

hassi944333d ago


I think he's saying cause they say the 360 version is better graphically. But he seems a bit of a fanboy anyway so meh don't really care.

For me personally I'll probably be getting the game for PC but not for another 2, 2 and a half months (after my exams have finished).

MariaHelFutura4333d ago

Yea. Ea games always drop in price quickly so im waiting. Im not sure if ill get it 360 or ps3.

Solid_Snake-4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

over rated i think.

i know its all console gamers have to call a graphics king but i prefer the first 1.

blackbeld4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

@above. Agreed!

It's over hyped really. I played the first 2 hours but still no action!

Walking around and hide and shoot but still no action!

Then I realized there are not so many bots.
It's not like COD or KZ3 games where you actually feel and see many things going on like explosions and bullets. For me I give this game a 7,7 out of 10.

SonyPS3604333d ago

IGN aren't biased, they just don't say what the fanboys want them to.

TBM4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

i have to laugh at all this back and forth bickering. gamers this generation have become completely stupid in my eyes for arguing over the dumbest things ever.

i mean if you're a PS3 only owner you have the best of both worlds GREAT games, and GREAT looking in Killzone 3, and Crysis 2. i don't know why you'd let 360 fanboys bother you so much.

if you're a 360 only you get a great game in Crysis 2 too. why would you let PS3 fanboys bother you about this i'll never understand.

and if you're a multi console owner like me i truly have the best of all worlds since i can play any game i want exclusives, multiplatform (on whichever console).

just looking at these comments on here of people trying to validate the reason why they own a specific console is beyond retarded to me.

Crysis 2 getting good scores won't stop me from loving KZ3 (which also got good scores), and it goes the other way around too.

i'd also like to say that my friend said IGN claimed this is the best game of this generation is that true? if so shouldn't they have given it 10 if it is?

4333d ago Replies(1)
JANF4332d ago

The funny thing is that GG said K3 maxed out the PS3 and now a couple of months later there's a game that looks better and is running on xbox 360 also so much for unlimited power. Developers now days talk a lot of [email protected]

WitWolfy4332d ago

I wouldnt say it looks beter than KZ3 but it comes close...ish

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Surfaced4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Oh my fucking god... they're really going to run a separate PS3 review. By Arthur Gies.

Ughhh this is going to get ugly. IGN are one of the only sites that think the two console versions look different. And their opinion holds a lot of power.

a_bro4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

they gave the PS3 version a 9 as well, but they ranted on it inconsistent frame rate and how it plays at a lower resolution.

Whats funny about this is they don't talk about how bad it is, just rant on it. based on that LoD h2h article, the game still visually looks better on PS3, but IGN doesnt talk about that.

LightofDarkness4333d ago

"based on that LoD h2h article"

What's this about my "homie 2 homie" articles?

SonyPS3604333d ago

They don't talk about it because it isn't true.

You can argue the PS3 version looks as good, but better? Seriously? Ignoring the frame rate too?

plb4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

No PC review yet but they are working on it. They said C2 running on DX 9.0c looks better than Metro 2033 with DX11

[email protected] it's right on the frontpage of IGN

malandra4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

IGN was really reached rock botton

Crysis 2 on the 360 is inferior to the PS3 version, and falls short of Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Killzone 3 and God of War 3

it is the best looking 360 game though, a title held for two and half years by Gears of War 2

EDIT: so this moron rated the graphics 9.5 and writes that is best looking console game but they rated Uncharted 2 higher in graphics

really pathetic that IGN lets a deep in denial 360 fanboy write a review

Ducky4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Yes, because what you think is fact and what they think is biased oppinion. /s

A game can look good, but graphical bugs can bring it down. Next time read the review before going bonkers over scores.

Dread4333d ago Show
4333d ago
SonyPS3604333d ago

"IGN is biased" "IGN has reached rock bottom"

Translation: "They rated it better than a Ps3 game."

eliasg4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

"Best looking game on a console"

end of discussion/

Crysis 2 (360)> KZ3> GOW3 > U2 > KZ2 > GEARS2

4332d ago
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callahan094333d ago

You've got to question whether IGN can be considered unbiased anymore. MS gave IGN their own show on Xbox Live, IGN acquired TeamXbox, an Xbox specific subsidiary e-mag (they have made no efforts at producing a PlayStation or Wii specific e-mag, and they have done nothing in collaboration with Sony or Nintendo... their collaborations seem solely focused on Microsoft). And they gave the Crysis 2 review to their TeamXbox news & features editor, Arthur Gries, who in his bio on the sight even claims that he prefers to play games on the 360. And here they go spouting this flame-war garbage about the 360 version (and that version alone) being the best looking console game ever and harping about how the PS3 version is inferior? I dunno. I wouldn't trust them. Personally.

rob60214333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

After reading all those comments it took this long for someone to actually dig up the real story. The guy blogs about Halo Reach having the best campaign of 2010, well i know I wouldn't trust his scores to be in line with what I would get playing the game.

And yes Crisis 2 was the latest game to have a "Review Event" just like Bulletstorm, and NOT Killzone 3. To say these things don't taint the scores is a joke, no matter how much these reviewers will deny they're influenced by it, we all know it will happen, think GTA4. The guy got free room service? cmon. It certainly might be the best looking console game if you include the hotel suite backdrop, and high end TV.

callahan094333d ago

@ my disagrees:

Perhaps you'd also like to know that the guy only has Level 4 trophy ranking, with 122 trophies (87% bronze, and only 1 gold amongst them). He's barely even touched Killzone 3, or Uncharted 2. He has no trophies at all in Crysis 2 for PS3.

Conversely he has a few hundred gamerscore in Crysis 2 for 360, and he has over 45,000 gamerscore on his 360 account.

360 GamerTag = Aegies

PS3 PSN Name = aegies-rfm

Does that make it a little more clear to you? How does this guy, who has no evidence of even playing the retail build of Crysis 2 on PS3, who never really played Killzone 3 or Uncharted 2, and who clearly favors the 360 by every shred of evidence from his employment at TeamXbox, to his gamerscore vs. trophy level, to his own admission in his employee bio that he prefers the 360... How does this guy have any credibility to say with any shred of objectivity that Crysis 2 on 360 is the best looking console game of all time, better than Killzone 3, better than Uncharted 2, etc., when he never really played those other games, never really played the PS3 version of Crysis 2, and is an obvious 360 fanboy?

Aloren4332d ago

Well... DUH. Review copies have no achievements, no trophies. The guy prefers to play on his 360, therefore, he has a lot more achievements than trophies. Sounds logical.

Just cause you feel the need to investigate his past doesn't mean he has no credibility. He's paid to give his opinion, and he does it.
And really, this is ridiculous. If he said Uncharted 3 is the best looking game, you'd say it's true and it's the ultimate proof cause he's an xbox fanboy. If he said gears 3 is the best looking game, you'd come up with another conspiracy theory about how he's biased.
Well, a review is an opinion, and he's entitled to his just as much as you are.

callahan094332d ago

I don't understand how I am the one getting attacked here. I'm pointing out facts about this guy's background, which is relevant. What if a great book came out about the struggles of some minority group, and then someone who is a known bigot against that group came around and reviewed it negatively. Would we say "Well, it doesn't matter what his background is, he's just giving his opinion" or would we want to know that his opinion is perhaps pre-determined? I'm not trying to say that bigotry in that sense is as harmful as console bias, but it's an analogy that fits the situation nonetheless.

The guy is proclaiming that this game is the best looking game out there even though he hasn't even played Uncharted 2 or Killzone 3. He says it looks better than two games that he didn't even play? It's ridiciulous to defend that kind of thing.

Statix4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

You're not getting attacked (except maybe by a few Xbox loyalists). You make some great points, and I gave you a bubble. I also researched his past, and found out he used to be an editor for

It's great that you also found out that has a huge 360 Gamerscore, and has barely played the PS3 at all (and barely played Killzone 3 or Uncharted 2).

I think there's some pretty clear-cut indicators that he's at least somewhat biased for the 360. That is not to say that it's completely malicious or intentional... maybe he just doesn't like the PS3 controller, or just generally feels more at home with his 360. Knowing his history, he's probably surgically attached to it, lol.

Aloren4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

You're being attacked because I point out that you're jumping to conclusion ? Well, whatever. I still stand by the fact that even if he worked for team xbox, he has the right to believe Crysis 2 is the best looking game, and it's not your role to investigate his gamertags and assume you know everything he played (I heard him talk about what he liked and disliked about uncharted 2 in a podcast, so he definitly played more than what his psn id tells you). But well, it's just my opinion, you can dislike him all you want.

And btw, Crysis looks awesome. It's not like he said Crackdown 2 looks better than Uncharted 2.

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Rageaholic4332d ago

What happened to final fantasy dual reviews?

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user83971444333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Good score.
Uncharted 3 will take the crown of best looking game again.

Kon4333d ago

You say this based on what? Have you already played? Have you already seen the game in front of your eyes? So ...

cochise3134333d ago

Don't act like you don't know the bar Uncharted 2 has set. What makes you think UC3 will be any different?

antz11044332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

So true, but lets face it, there's blind faith on games like Uncharted, Gears, and Gran Turismo. People will swear by it being the end all even if they've only read a developer blog and seen a few screenshots. Sad.

4333d ago Replies(2)
ultimate-remag4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

he said ps3 has choppy framerate n stuff but they both get the same score?? hmm i call bullcrap

edit: so i guess the xbox is more powerfull now since it has the best lookin console game lol... ign... guess ign stratigize videos on my xbox is payin off lol

labaronx4333d ago

i mean if it was that much of a difference in frame rate ala bayonette, then yeah, but a 9 for both versions kinda means this guy is being a tool

baodeus4333d ago

so if they rated one higher than the other, they are biased. But if they rate both the same, they are tool.

It seem they just can't please fanboy either ways. This is getting rediculous.

Nelson M4333d ago Show