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Itchy Thumbs says: After Crysis became one of the highest rated (in certain media outlets) and best selling PC games of all-time, it seemed inevitable that its sequel – the second part of this alien invasion trilogy – would make the transition to consoles. This move has already raised the ire of keyboard warriors, fearful that it would lead to a “dumbing down” process for the game in order to accommodate for the control pads they hate so much. So, how does this, the debut of the CryEngine 3, fare in the already crowded world of first-person shooters?..

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plb2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

itchythumbs? never heard of it. Perspective from this site:

Homefront 7/10
DAII 10/10

So confused...

VisualSlave2767d ago

Duh, different writers. Just like any other website, funny that!

plb2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Yeah but DAII a 10/10? It's not a terrible game but a perfect score?

VisualSlave2767d ago

Reviews = opinions. It's an old argument. That particular reviewer liked DA2 enough to give it full marks. Perhaps another writer would disagree. The review text says more than the score does generally.