Naruto: PS3 Project Site Is Live

The official site for the upcoming Naruto: PS3 Project has just went live.

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xhi44486d ago

please explain to me what is going on? I mean isn't there a Naruto exclusive for the 360? Is that now not exclusive and on the ps3 too? Or is this a new game altogther?

BLaZiN PRopHeT4486d ago

the ps3 game is a new game not the one on the 360. its not know what kinda game it will be fighting or action adventure. but if the naruto game on the 360 is successful im pretty sure they will make it Action Adventure also.

nasim4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

This is aimed at Japanese gamers since x360 doesnt sell in EU /JAPAN.

actually the 360 version was supposed to be canned. so the devs are now focusing on the ps3 version which could sell worlwide

@power of BOT

in EU ps3 beats x360 3:1 . You already saw the other thread where ps3 has overtaken x360 in total sales by 50 000 units in SPAIN. In eu there is nothing called x360. even at a high price point ps3 went on to beat x360 all over except UK (ran neck and neck ).

Halo 3 saw a temporaray boost for x360 hardware BUT JUST FOR ONE week and only in UK.
Now ps3 is above x360 all over UK
check the sales charts of PLAY,GAME,HMV,GAMESTATION and AMAZON UK for proof.

x360 is now backdated and a forgotten console after the ps3 price drop in EU

barom4486d ago

To put it simple. They're two different games.

One made for the X360 (developed by Ubisoft).

And this one which is made for PS3 (developed by Cyber Connect2, which i'm not sure if they're owned by Namco or not but they got tight relationship at least).

power of Green 4486d ago

Never heard of a Namco Bandai Naruto 360 game only for PS3 not saying you're wrong although your Europe sales comment is outdated..

DiLeCtioN4486d ago

i love naruto but i prefer to play dbz games...i want tenkaichi on PS3 now :(

Quickstrike4486d ago


skynidas4486d ago

IMO Naruto is nothing when compared to DBZ series

JasonXE4486d ago

DB & DBZ at the end of the freiza saga was the only good part of the Dragonball series. I also like 1 or 2 movies but after that, everything else is pretty much trash (sorry for being harsh). The Naruto (Japanese voices - English Subs) are pretty great so I don't know how to compare them really. To be honest, they're both great series and we haven't seen what naruto shipp. has up it sleeves so should be fun to watch.

Darkiewonder4486d ago

Haven't I seen this article during TGS? O.o

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The story is too old to be commented.