Xbox 360 Will 'Double Down' on Halo and Other Big IP

As triple-A console budgets continue to escalate dramatically, publishers are becoming increasingly risk averse and want to bet on a sure thing. It's part of the reason why Activision killed off Guitar Hero and more to put even more focus on huge hits like Call of Duty and Blizzard's titles. Now Microsoft says while it'll look at launching new IP, the company will double down on its biggest franchises too.

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donniebaseball2768d ago

Man, I hope they don't ruin Halo now.

karl2768d ago

it wont ruin whats already great..

i would see halo like an awesome trilogy...

reach is good aswell .. but even if they screw up with the next title and start milking the franchise

the ones that are already out wont be any less good

i should play these games.. damn

egidem2768d ago

In other words, we're going to see more Halo, more gears and more fable. Funny how they said that they don't want to just do sequel, sequel, sequel. They are also not risk takers. They will do what's right and use a formula that works. Let's hope that these sequels aren't bad.

dragonelite2768d ago

And are launching new ip unless i imaging that in the text.

Convas2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Well, I mean, I can't say that I didn't expect this, you make more of what people want and buy. Everybody does this, but with Sony being the braver of the big two when it comes to taking risks with new IPs.

Hell, I'm not going to lie, I want more Halo, and more Fable (Maybe not at this moment, but you get my gist).

But I think that their definition of new IPs has now been screwed up and around. Somehow, I get the feeling he means new KINECT IPs, and not traditional new IPs like Alan Wake, or Codename: Kingdoms.

I hope I'm wrong, I really do, but it seems MS is dead set on shoving Kinect down the entire Xbox fanbase's throat.

Hopefully, they'll prove us wrong at E3. Two new TRADITIONAL controller-only IPs, preferably non-FPS, announced at their Keynote would be a great step forward.

Hopefully, this also means Alan Wake 2 is on the table. :3

@Donnie: I don't think they will, 343i is passionate about Halo and has a good team of Ex-Bungie folk and a wide assortment of talent from all across the industry, plus the fact that Frank O'Connor said they aren't being pressured by MS to do anything they don't want to do IE, Kinect Implementation.

So I trust 343i at this point, and MS seems to be giving them the space and resources they need to do right by the Halo Universe.

LOGICWINS2768d ago

I agree that new IPs are a MUST if you want to breath life into the industry, but if I were in Microsoft's position...I'd milk Halo for all its worth. Its pure logic. If people buy something over and over again, then why take a risk and deviate from the norm?

If people want to play Halo, let them keep playing Halo. If people want more diversity, buy a PS3. Its just that simple.

Counter Strike2768d ago

Do you think MS is going to Kill Gears after 3 ?? Ofc NOT.

Gears of War , Halo , Forza , Alan Wake , Fable , PGR and all the others MS Ips will continue this and NEXT Gen.

I also expect Kingdoms to be more than 3 Games like God of War.

DelbertGrady2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Double Down!!?

Jokes aside this sounds like a sh*tty move unless they plan on moving to having third party devs making their exclusive IP's.

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The story is too old to be commented.