TRENDS: Does Rumble Matter?

Next-Gen recently had a chance to check out force feedback company Immersion's next generation TouchSense and rumbling touch screen technology. Impressions within, along with what the tech means for gamers and game makers.

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kewlkat0075377d ago

Remember the old says of controllers without L + R buttons? Then when Super nintendo added that to the SNES it really did alot for the games.
Adding Force-Feed back added something very simular and I can't see people going back to a controller without it.

While you really do not need it to enjoy a particular game but you sure will notice that its not there when playing new generation of games after getting used to in-game vibrations and such. (racing games, FPS shooters, some platform games, Fighters)..etc

Captain Tuttle5377d ago

It's not a deal breaker but the experience is enhanced with it.

omansteveo5377d ago

I like rumbleit helps immerse you in the playin madden with out it would be kinda wierd

deathtok5377d ago

I know a bunch of people that shut it off with wireless controllers because it uses the battery that much quicker. There are bound to be a lot of people that are willing to go without.

The_Firestarter5377d ago

Oh, my hands are all tingling because my controller rumbles, I feel like I'm in the game! OMG! .....No I think it's useless, my opinion, go fist yourself

Dragonopolis5377d ago

Not a big fan of the rumble feature myself - I usually turn it off. I've been playing High-end PC games for awhile and I don't miss it when I go from my console to my PC. I found that sounds move me more than feeling it and with a good subwoofer/sound system I get enough "feel" from the low end soundwaves anyways.

Of course if someone were to play on a crappy TV and use the cruddy TV sound system or have no surround system, then maybe the rumble feature would be more important to them since they are not getting very good feedback from sound.

Just because rumble feature isn't offered doesn't make a piece of hardware any less powerful or games bad. If that is the case then we have all been playing crappy games on our PCs - and if you believe that then your delusional.

Islandkiwi5377d ago

I like driving games, and without the rumble feature, I think it will seriously detract from the experience.