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stonecold32766d ago

i hope its ps3 exclusive and one for the ngp?

meetajhu2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )


Hop-on in my hype train

malandra2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )


that's my first thought, PS3 game and a NGP game that can be played separetely but have some sort of connectivity for extra features or levels if you have them both

also because of this we can be pretty sure it'll be a PS3 exclusive

but I would love to see Zone of th Enders 3 but I doubt it's happensing

Christopher2766d ago

Very likely one of them will be a MGS game for NGP. The other? Could be anything.

MintBerryCrunch2765d ago


so its similar to some game, but its not the real thing

if it ends up being Rising, that would be a downer

NeutralGamer2765d ago

I'm surprised no one here even mentions milking...

Imagine if both games he announce is in the MGS series...

With MG Rising on the way that would make it 3 MGS games on the way... ... ...

I propose that they terminate the Rising development AND GIVE US MGS 5/MGS 6 (if PW is 5)

MintBerryCrunch2765d ago

@ above

if we were getting an MGS every year i would call it milking...would you say that R* milks the GTA series...i say no to both series...

each game takes years to develop which i like, it means they took the time and resources to make a new and refreshing game....getting the same old CoD every year is milking

but games like MGS, GTA, Halo...when they come every couple of years, its nice to get back into the series after that much time

Soldierone2765d ago

The first part says its a common sense move for a already availible title. Thus Im guess trophies with a Substance release of MGS4?

Its that or MGS4 is on the NGP, but I dont think that will be the case.

sikbeta2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Not a MGS5 for NGP with some connectivity with the PS3, something even better, remember what Kojima-san said? ... a MGS5 for PS3 that we can also play on the NGP, that would be freaking Awesome!!!

DragonKnight2765d ago

Zone of the Enders 3. That is all.

EeJLP-2765d ago

Zone of the Enders is garbage IMO. I don't know why people would want ZOE3 instead of MGS5.

The 'logical step for an existing game' could be:
MGS: Collection for PS3
MGS4 w/ trophies, whatever other additions (hopefully installs are gone or drastically reduced)
Completely remade version of Peace Walker, built for PS3

I'm hoping for it to be MGS1-3 in HD. Then MGS5 as the second game.

evrfighter2765d ago

would like to see Kojima come out with a new IP before this gen is up (and its almost up). So far all I've seen was a company survive off the metal gear franchise.

If it is indeed 2 mgs games the phrase "one trick pony" will start to become common with him.

ChrisW2765d ago

MGS5: The Resuscitation of Snake.

JoySticksFTW2765d ago

Nah, "Kojima will not be hit with the "one trick pony" label

He's already done great games like Snatcher and Zone of the Enders. And his involvement with Castlevania:LoS was a 3d model castlevania game done right.

To the milking argument... if this story is lacking with little innovation, then yes. It's milking.

But each MGS game has a great story and their own quirks.

There are some who claim MGS4 is one of the greatest games ever made.

And then the other MGS fans jump in and say "What?! It might not even be the best in the series! What about... 3 for the story? Or 1 for the innovation?" Some claim it's MGS2.

Either way, when MGS games are released they usually compete for top honors in gamers' "best of all time" lists.

IMO Final Fantasy had a run like that from SNES to PS2. You just knew each game was going to be legendary, and couldn't wait for the next one.

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Joni-Ice2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Will you be mad if MGS5 go's multi-plat? It seems like anything is possible these days. Look at Mass Effect 2.

Omega Archetype2766d ago

Meh, Metal Gear went multiplatform even before this generation.

I won't really care, cause I'll be getting it on PS3 regardless. I wish it was Zone of the Enders 3 instead though.

As much as I love Metal Gear, it did pretty much end with MGS4, so instead of MGS5 I'd love to see a remake of Metal Gear and Metal Gear II.

Really though, I've been waiting for forever for ZOE3, sot that's what I really want!

zootang2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

No it didn't end, you have to listen to the very end of the credits. Plenty of life in the old boy, just needs a nano machine trans fusion.

vsr2766d ago

MGS4 alone outsold the ME 1 & 2 combined. So MGS 6 (PW is 5) will be a PS3 exclusive

gaffyh2766d ago

Yeah it is quite a surprise that MGS, which some people find difficult to control, sells so much worldwide. If they want, they could keep it exclusive definitely.

NeutralGamer2765d ago

"MGS4 alone outsold the ME 1 & 2 combined. So MGS 6 (PW is 5) will be a PS3 exclusive"

You just stated why they would be interested in multiplatform...

"MGS4 alone outsold the ME 1 & 2 combined."- And thats just the PS3 sales.. Now imagine if making it possible for the xbox only dudes to buy it too...

= Even more sales = More cash to the genius Kojima = Bigger budget for MGS 7

Solid_Snake-2765d ago

agreed. and for the rest of you comparing mass effect to metal gear's 20 year franchise is fucking pathetic.

course mgs4 sold more its been a massive franchise for decades.

mind the 360 is out selling the ps3 and the playstation franchise has been round for bout 10 years more than the xbox......funny that in it.

Joni-Ice2765d ago

I hope people understand when I say multi-plat I mean multi-platform, not multi-platinum. LOL

Electroshocked2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

@ xbox-threesixty Dude, I hope you realize how much you reek of fanboy.....

''the 360 is out selling the ps3 and the playstation franchise has been round for bout 10 years more than the xbox......funny that in it.''

Number of each console sold so far in 2011:

PS3 - 48.700.000 sold
XBOX 360 - 52.500.000 sold

And that's considering the fact that the XBOX 360 was released a year before the PS3. By the end of this generation of consoles the PS3 will be far ahead of the XBOX 360. And if you want to talk about franchises the Playstation franchise outsells the XBOX franchise by light years.....

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catguykyou2765d ago

I hope its for next gen consoles

catguykyou2765d ago

Really? No one wants MGS on next gen consoles? How much of a console fanboy do you have to be in order to not even like talk of next gen consoles yet. Oh yeah, a fanboy on N4G. Only place I ever see anything about people not wanting new consoles to be announced.

JoySticksFTW2765d ago

I think that many feel there's still plenty of life left in this console generation. And MGS4 is sill one of the best looking games released this gen.

I don't see how being a fanboy has anything to do with it.

Let's see what Kojima's A squad can do when given a other shot at the tech this time with more experience.

And less time figuring out new tech leads to more time dedicated to story and gameplay elements ideally

harrisk9542765d ago

"one a quasi-logical step for an existing game"

maybe trophies for MGS4?

PhoenixDevil2765d ago

If that happens then I'm replaying (for the hundredth time) and getting the platinum

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showtimefolks2765d ago

i want a new MGS game
i want MGS1-3 in HD
i want to play peace walker with dual sticks maybe on NGP with a update to the game
a new zone of enders game
more info on rising

but if i could on;y get a new MGS and HD remakes i am glad

Bear_Grylls2765d ago

I agree.

Playing the old PS1 and PS2 on the new HD tv's doesn't look very good and can be hard to play, for the best experience you need to drag out an old telly.

HD updates would do away with this.

ThanatosDMC2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Yeah, i want an MGS3 remake on the PS3. I love the hunting, eating, getting sick, hiding, catching all the animals, etc.

Omega Archetype2763d ago

Don't forget Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 PS3 Remakes!

Shani2765d ago

I hope its for PS3 too.
MGS series is so awesome. And I want to know more of it.

strifeblade2765d ago

I hope its not a ps3 exclusive, judging by business perspective, just like mgs rising, the next mgs5 is 360 bound, If they announce mgs ngp its possible (far from release though thats for sure), maybe we will get details on mgs 3ds?

showtimefolks2763d ago

when mgs4 came out ps2's install base was under 20million now its close to 50.

that's why kojima can easily overlook going multiplatform. and mgs:r well its not kojima i expect a great game but not what kojima can do.

but one thing i really want is MGS1-3 in HD or just 3 in HD

strifeblade2763d ago


true at the end of the day though konami has just as much of a big say as kojima. Kojima may be the only person holding back konami for going multi platform with mgs if im not mistaken.

Anyways , its better for konami to go multi platform because they will sell and make more money and if they dont go over 5 discs with the 360 version lol.

dont forget mgs2 was on xbox and mgs1 remake on gamecube.

personally i am an xbox guy but i own all systems, mgs is my fave series and if mgs5 is on 360 i would still get it for ps3 just because i have the whole series on playstation- it would look odd if i got it on 360.

business perspective though it would allow 360 players to enjoy mgs5 and make them might wanna buy ps3 to play mgs4.

make sense?

DigitalAnalog2765d ago

Did anyone forget that Kojima's supposed "next-game" was to be controversial?

-End statement

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Cloudberry2766d ago

Either MGS, new Zone Of Enders, or new games completely.

Or new Suikoden from Kojima Productions? : P

Lucreto2766d ago

Imagine a Suikoden under Kojima's control. I would rather the original creator come back and work on it. Yoshitaka Murayama was in talks with what we believe is Konami. I hope something comes of it.

Cloudberry2766d ago

Yoshitaka Murayama is the heart, brain, and soul of Suikoden series.

I could feel the difference with his works for Suikoden 1 & 2 compared with 3, 4, & 5.

Although he still took part in 3 (I don't know if it's big / small), I just couldn't feel it that engaging compared to previous Suikoden 1 & 2.

RedDead2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I just started Suikoden 2 fo the first god what I have been missing...

Edit--yes, I have been meaning to play it for years, I also have the third, but not the first(which is the only other one I want atm). I just can't believe how interested it has kept me, I haven't got bored of it at all yet, this normally happens at some point in J-rpg's were I get bored for a little while until something happens again. Why do no other RPG's use War like this, proper war.

Cloudberry2766d ago

Suikoden 2 is JRPG masterpiece.

The simple 2D sprite characters & graphic.

The music.

The story.


Enjoy it.

Lucreto2766d ago

I love Suikoden 2. I hope you didn't pay through the noes for it. I seen them go for €100. I was lucky and got it for €6 pre-ownered. I bought it and walked away very quickly.

Suikoden 1 cost me €78 and that was a cheap.

All hail Luca Blight. To a lesser extent Neclord.

gaffyh2766d ago

Isn't it on the PS Store yet? I might check it out, sounds good.

DragonKnight2765d ago

Gotta love Neclord's theme. Such an epic theme for the final battle with him.


It's too bad the battle is so anti-climactic. Still, it did take a vampire hunter, a vampire, and 2 true runes to stop him. That's saying a lot about how strong he really is.

Also, MATILDA GLITCH FTW!! Nothing like getting Futch and Humphrey before you even get the Bright Shield and Black Sword runes.


I hope Suikoden 6 comes out soon. Missing the series.

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gaffyh2766d ago

Well hopefully not everything is NGP, but it looks like there will be a major NGP focus in Sony's conference.

Convas2766d ago

It's as Cloud said, either MGS5 or Zone of Enders 3 for PS3, or something else entirely.

Regardless though, E3 gonna be off da chain this year!

huzzaahh2765d ago

That's just about as broad as anyone could get. Thanks for the insight.

Convas2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Well damn me to hell and send me off to the marines, sorry I don't have deep insider knowledge of the inner workings and circles of Kojima's operation.

huzzaahh2765d ago

You could have just expressed your excitement over E3 and left out the completely meaningless Kojima talk. If you aren't going to make an actual guess, then why do you bother posting anything about it?

Anyway, I'm also excited to find out what Kojima is up to and E3 is going to kick ass.

jizzyjones2766d ago

Hoping for either MGS5 (maybe on PS3 and NPG) or MGS Collection (preferably both)

Quagmire2765d ago

MGS Collection and ZOE Collection prease

IronFist2766d ago

Hopefully MGS5, I wouldn't mind seeing an RPG from Kojima though. With his story-heavy focus on games, he could be pretty good at RPGs.