Toshiba and Microsoft Announce Plans to Form Advanced Interactivity Consortium

Toshiba Corp. and Microsoft Corp. today announced plans to form the Advanced Interactivity Consortium (AIC), an open forum aimed at the promotion of superior interactivity for a wide range of next-generation consumer devices, digital content and distribution scenarios. The newly formed organization's mission is to maximize consumer satisfaction worldwide by accelerating industrywide adoption of advanced interactivity and interoperability across a broad array of HD DVD products.

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M4I0N34119d ago

Bad news for Blu-ray, unless sony can afford to compete against HD-DVD

Bigmac5734119d ago

Sony Corp has the resources to put a hand in whatever industry they'd like. What kind of results they get is a different story, however. When it comes to home entertainment, though, they've almost always been tops. Honestly, is there anyone on the planet who's never heard of Sony?

jaja14344119d ago

Actually they don't. Partly because of the whole BR thing, mostly because of declining sales, but Sony is not in the greatest of shapes as far as companies go. But I doubt you'll believe me even though you could just check for yourself.

Sayai jin4119d ago

Hmm. Sony can not go toe to toe with MS when it comes to funds. This is a smart move by both companies. Sony is not the company they used to be (as far as electronics). I am not talking about the video game division, becuase it has helped carry the company. Sure Sony's high end products are among they best ad they are still innovative, but the medium line and low-end are not exceptional anymore. Back in the days you could not hrdly find company that produce solid lines of products, but now you have so many companies beating Sony in so many areas of the electronics industry. They are even declining in Japan. This is why blu-ry is so important. The PS1 and PS2 were juggernauts and made and is making mega money for Sony, but as a company they know they need to have steady sales for all aspects. They own 33% of blu-ray tech. Which mean if blu-ray becomes the next format then sony will profit 33% or more of sales, can you imagine getting 33% of DVD sales. If you do not agree with Sny Electronics Division (aside from the gaming division)look at there stock over they last 20 years, look up articles, especially ones in Japan (babelfish them) and you will see that this is well known. The Sony names is still respected in the electronics market.

TheFatOne4119d ago

I thought M$ wasn't backing HD-DVD(sarcasm)

HondaSIRowner4119d ago

HD-DVD keeps on trying. But who's to say that Sony can't do this to????...??

power of Green 4119d ago

PGR4 is World class, a title with class the Music is stellar with its flavor.

Had a get together last night I was showing off to a buddy and the get together ended up being a PGR4 gathering with the men fighting the wemen for turns.

Still can't believe what I'm looking at when playing PGR4.

On topic if this takes off they'll leave everybody in the dust its a great Idea in general.

xhi44119d ago

PR stunt....Advanced Interactivity Consortium, all that means is trying to show strength and support for the HD-DVD format and to strengthen investors and shareholders minds.............PR stunt boo hoo.

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