Nintendo's big 3DS launch plans in NYC - glasses throwing included

Nintendo has announced their 3DS launch plans, which even includes throwing 3D glasses into the air as the system launches.

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user8586212769d ago

haha awesome!!, sorry for those poor saps who spent £50 on glasses lool

BiggCMan2769d ago

This sounds like fun, its kinda like the Kinect launch party a few months ago.

LOGICWINS2769d ago

I tried it out at my local Bestbuy. Not as awesome as I thought it would be...then again, I only played a crappy flight sim game, so other games could be better.

Neo Nugget2769d ago

That could get expensive. Maybe replica glasses? :P

christoph2032769d ago

thing is though, you guys will all find out that the 3D is far better with the glasses...

user8586212769d ago

yes because a darker image and somthing hanging on your face makes it more immersive