GQ | Dragon Age 2 review

GQ doesn't really like Dragon Age 2 all that much.

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PS3Blog2772d ago

Still playing through mine, two minds about it. Will get the review up this week.

granthinds2772d ago

DO IT. You should call your review: Dragon Age 2: The 2 Minds. Ye, Bioware can do so much better.

lord zaid2772d ago

I find the metacritic user and press scores disparity with this game very interesting.

granthinds2772d ago

Ye, look, with this one it's really down to personal opinion. There are parts of this game that rock. But those parts which might rock for some, taste like vomit to others. Simple.

Darranged2772d ago

Its not the worst RPG out there, but it certainly isn't the best. Will probably buy it once EA releases it on a best of collection with all the inevitable DLC.

granthinds2772d ago

That's an extremely good comment. I just want ts to be a medieveal version of Mass Effect. They just didn't get it right in my opinion. It's still fun for hardcore RPG fans.

WobblyOnion2772d ago

I enjoyed DA2, but the perpetually recycled environments and simplified combat mechanics dulled what would otherwise be a shining RPG.

kelvinmanley2772d ago

yeah, maybe wait until it's bargain binned to give it a go. i'll stick to monster hunter tri.

ianfelmore2771d ago

Just reviewed it, and your score is right on the button. The game will be a great experience for new players. But for anyone that has played Origin, it will be a disappointment if you cant remove yourself and see it not as a sequel, but as a totally new game.

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