Top ten manliest men in video game history

"Admit it, playing as a pansy would suck even if it was the best video game ever made. That isn't to say having some random well-built guy with a deep voice on screen is enough to make a game fun. In fact, we've seen so many pitiful attempts of trying to make "cool" characters that it's not even funny anymore."

"Fortunately, there's a handful of really manly video game dudes out there that aren't just made of testosterone and big muscles - they also have the history, personality, and attitude to be considered men among men. In this list are the most epic piles of manly turned video game characters. Are you man enough to take it?"

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CAPS LOCK4082d ago

where is snake?...snaaake!?

Cat4082d ago

no kidding, though with a testosterone drenched voice like his you gotta figure he's got a nice car to go with that overcompensation. ;)

socomnick4081d ago

Snake is not manly hes about 5 foot 9 and carrot top looks stronger than him. Also list is for manliest men snake is always grabbing statues penises , spying on soldiers in the can, humping soldiers in the ground while choking them out not very manly.

Vertius4082d ago

Luca Blight's in it, so it must be right! :P

Itachi4082d ago

Ryo hazuki defiantly the coolest

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The story is too old to be commented.