AMD: "PC's Are 10 Times As Powerful As Consoles"

AMD have been letting Game Breakers know why the PC, with all the bells and whistles available to the platform, is easily 10 times more powerful than a PS3 or Xbox 360, but despite this it's not towering above what are now ageing current-generation consoles.

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gillri2770d ago

no shit, in fact the latest hardware is probably a gen ahead

so why aren't the graphics 10 times better? cause nobody makes big bugdet PC exclusives anymore and so cant take advantage of the hardware

koehler832770d ago

The 2 parties locked in an incessant arms race refuse to step back, take stock and acknowledge the problems they've created among the community of developers.

Hardware has progressed far enough for the time being. The average person still only has a 1920x1080 display, if that. All that power is wasted on 99.999% of potential consumers (a conservative estimate).

Put the hardware aside for a year or two and develop better middleware solutions for that hardware to give developers and consumers an edge on your particular hardware. Running multiple cards in parallel will suffice for power users for quite a while.

That's how I see it, anyway.

vsr2770d ago

AMD please Proove with a game.

nikebee2770d ago

@vsr "AMD please Proove with a game"

They can't - that's kinda the point of the article!

DirectX is stopping developers reaching their full potential!

captain-obvious2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

you know what
AMD and nvidia should do something like sony and MS

both of them should buy developers
and develop games exclusively for their graphics card

thats going to move alot of hardware + it'll show real power of PC + quality PC games
but i dont think that this kind of thing work
since it hasn't been done before

hassi942770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )


If they did somehow block other cards from playing the game, 2 big problems would result from that:

1. PC gamer backlash - PC gamers have always been pro-open-platform, with graphics card exclusives they are taking away the open-platform environment of PC gaming, one of the best most beloved parts of it.

2. It wouldn't actually work - PC gamers are intelligent and determined and would just hack their way into being able to play those games.

jakethesnake2769d ago


This did happen once. There was a time when you needed a specific brand of graphics card to play a specific game. Fortunately, it was short lived because consumers hated it. I own both an AMD and an NVidia card as I just upgraded from one to the other, but the chances of me swapping my cards in and out all the time to play specific games is insane. It would be even more insane if I didn't happen to still own both!

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plb2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

yeah but PC versions of games still look WAY better than the console version even without being taken fully advantage of. Can't wait to see how Rage PC will look.

BeastlyRig2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

true but to pay for a $300 card to play a console port is sad!! I can't wait for them to stop releasing gpus every 4-6 months & optimize games to use pc hardware to it's full potential!!

kancerkid2770d ago

You dont need to get a 300 dollar card to run a port at twice the FPS and 1080p. See GTX 460 1 GB. The card can run almost anything and is cheap

Ducky2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Graphics aren't the only thing that power can be used for.

As far as visuals go, an exclusive isn't necessary. Just look at Metro or Battlefield3.
If anything, I'd prefer if most PC exclusives were available on consoles (such as Amnesia) so that more people can enjoy them. Obviously there's a few games that the consoles simply can't handle due to limited memory constraints.
Otherwise, I don't see why any dev would keep their game PC exclusive on purpose.

No_Pantaloons2770d ago

That's sadly the case now.

Computer hardware is miles ahead, but whats the point when all we get is console ports.

Substance1012770d ago

Agreed PC gamers should simply stop with the upgrades until AMD and Nvidia feel the pinch.

There is no point to upgrades when games like Crysis 2 are coming out with DX9 day one. I am a PC gamer exclusively i dont game on console, but i have decided not to make any more upgrades until the next consoles.

BeastlyRig2770d ago

I agree they really need to stop releasing so many gpu's & optimize for the hardware in the future!

Black ops looks so bad to be played on a powerful gtx 580!!

cliffbo2770d ago

if people support a larger media format such as blu-ray then perhaps devs would make better and larger games as they would be able to cross develop for pc and ps3 and get the best out of both platforms thus saving on development costs.

then perhaps we will actually see how superior the pc can be. until then we will have to be satisfied with only minor improvements such as higher res/framerates especially as the next generation of consoles will be alot better than the current gen.

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MegaMohsi2770d ago

it's because most big budget games are no multi-platform so devs have to account for the lowest common denominator. So games on PC just have higher resolution and better textures but it's essentially the same game, very disappointing. DX11 also seems to be poorly implemented or non-existant so far.

ChrisW2770d ago

Devs are given little incentive or reason to push PC games to the max of top of the line GPUs. Which is exactly why I can't wait until the next gen consoles come out. Until then, the quality of games will evolve very little.

NotSoSilentBob2770d ago

Graphics =/= Quality

Innovation is where quality comes from.

ultramoot2770d ago

As true as it is, I can see this statement not settling down well with a certain "group" of gamers on this site. *WINK WINK*

ct032770d ago

What do you mean dood if you mean like the CELL then yeah your right, thats much faster than any pc and gpu and so cos sony is da best and has da best games with da best graphics but some pc games also look good almost as good as killzone killzone is the best game with the best graphics of all time maybe in few years AMD can have graphics like that k chill out peace.

//That was my best impression.

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