Gamasutra Interview: Microsoft's Kevin Unangst On Building PC Exclusives

Gamasutra sits down with Microsoft exec Kevin Unangst to talk about the importance of new IP against solid franchises, what is next for Xbox Live Arcade, and Microsoft's focus on "building PC exclusives" for Games For Windows Live.

Microsoft has built a number of solid franchises on the Xbox 360, with the likes of Halo and Forza keeping the core gamers coming back time and time again.

Yet there is always room for innovation with new IP, and with Xbox Live Arcade now the leading platform for downloadable games on console, Microsoft is bumping up its efforts in the move to digital

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guigsy2856d ago

He says that there are games coming this year that they haven't talked about. Can't wait to see them at E3.

mcstorm2856d ago

I agree with you. Alot of people have been calling MS for not showing us any new Core games but MS stated the 1st half of this year was all about getting Kinect up and running. Now they have done this its time to give the core fans more of what they want and have expect from the 360 the core games that have helped make the console what it is today.

So come on MS dont let us gamers down at e3.

BeastlyRig2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

How does that benefit my PC? in this PC article? unless they are multi-plat?

Edit:never mind I read it. it was mostly about xbox...

to be honest I would love MS to start making hardcore PC games but evry week that passes by PC seems to not need them as their are very good games coming this year! plus what ever they make won't be on steam of d2d..

BeastlyRig2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

flight sim is cool but not really a game & fable 3? I already bought the witcher 2 & Age of Empires good to go!!

banjadude2856d ago

You mean that MMORPG styled Age of Empires?

zag2856d ago

hummm I read this like this.

So what are the new things for PC games from MS.

well our whole 360 line up is the best.

the 360 live is going great guns.

all devs want to work on the 360.

soooo theres nothing for the pc right?

huh? your Q was about the pc?

guigsy2856d ago

He clearly talks about Age of Empires Online, Microsoft Flight and Fable 3, all for PC.