Nintendo UK: 3DS pre-orders more than double those of Wii

Nintendo UK has announced that just three days ahead of the Nintendo 3DS that pre-orders for the handheld have more than double those acheieved for the Wii in 2006.

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jazzybaboon2766d ago

I'm quaking in my sony fanboy thong... seriously

Stealth20k2766d ago

its nintendo? they always crush portables

JusenkyoGuide2766d ago

i can't blame people though. Nintendo handhelds are always good. i love my psp just as much so love goes all around for me.

CobraKai2766d ago

I tried this out at best buy today. It's pretty cool. I found that the perfect 3D depth is to set the slider just a notch below MAX. I had no problem with viewing angle either. I might pick one up once the games start really rolling in.

Masterchef20072765d ago

Cant wait to see it in person though. Because that is what bugs me the most is the 3D. The fact that you cant experience it without having the actual handheld in front of you. I am sure that gamestop will have 3DS displays soon.

CobraKai2765d ago

Granted I didn't spend an hour with it, but my eyes felt more comfortable than traditional 3D with the glasses. It was almost like looking through a window.

Masterchef20072765d ago

The name is more than enough to sell the handheld. But i am kind of dissapointed in the 3DS and the price seems a bit high for me at the moment.

But i am sure that it will have many great games and i am sure that they will fix most of the issues with the lite (like they always do)

I for one thing am happy that Nintendo and Sony are going head to head with handhelds. Should bring us some interesting results. Heck if it wasnt for the DS the NGP wouldnt be the way it is.