PS3 has passed 250 000 units sold in Spain

Translated text reads as :-

"James Armstrong ,vice president senior of south europe assures the PS3 has sold in Spain more than 250 000 units and that the previsions for this christmas campaign are estimated in about 425 000 units .

So here you have it ,the PS3 is above 250 000 units in Spain ,nearly equal with the Wii and way ahead already of the 360 . "

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nasim5539d ago

although the ps3 has sold over 250 000 units in SPAIN ...vgcharts has it around 197k (same as x360)

In reality ps3 has sold over 250k + there and x360 has sold just 100 000 units in 2 years over there.

except UK and to some excent Australia...x360 died long ago in EU .
It is also dead in JAPAN and would soon be dead in NA

Mario185538d ago

How come you have nothing new to say...ever.

felman875538d ago

I never thought the ignore option would come in handy

TheExecutive5538d ago (Edited 5538d ago )

lol.... **yawn** Spain...

4 disagrees... lol take it easy guys i am just playin.

Spike475538d ago

maybe it's not that important

kingofps35538d ago

From now on all four quarters of the year belong to PLAYSTATION 3. Xbots, u better start living with it.

Close_Second5538d ago (Edited 5538d ago )

...get a PS3 so I can become a c*nt like the rest of you Sony fanboys.

Ha Ha, look at all the disagrees and the comeback from KingofPS3. Getting PS3 fanboys to hit disagree is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. In fact, its a little too easy...kind of like picking on the disabled.

kingofps35538d ago

You are a cunt even without wearing the Xbot badge.

mustash20035538d ago

welcome to my ignore list

sonarus5538d ago (Edited 5538d ago )

its the brand name thats sellin the playstation. Playstation brandname just too strong. All they need to do is back it up with some high quality games. Expect that pro evo bundle to do a LOT

TheExecutive5538d ago

yeah that sucker is gonna be huge in Europe.

duarteq5538d ago

It's not the brand. I have bought almost every console from the start of videogaming. Even the 2600 from atari ( don't know if you know what it is or ever played it ). Never bought the Xbox or Xbox360, i don't like that consoles. I have bought the Sega Saturn and then the first PS. You must admit that in terms of design and construction the PS brand is superior to the others. Also i like the inovation that PS gives to games in every generation, that's why i choose PS consoles. You can also say that Xbox has it share in the States cause the "brand" is huge in America, it would be a good excuse for what you are saying. People choose what they like to buy because of the games and because of what the consoles can give to them, not because of the brand. My HDTV is Samsung, not Sony...

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