Nintendo Wii 2: specs and features wishlist

Pocket-Lint: The idea of putting a Blu-ray drive into the PS3 was an absolute masterstroke by Sony. Not only did it help Blu-ray to defeat HD DVD in the high-def disc format war, it also set the PS3 apart from its gaming console rivals. Blu-ray may have been more of an early adoptor technology when it first appeared in the PS3, but with players now a hell of a lot cheaper, the inclusion of one on the Wii 2 could give it a much-needed boost. Whether Nintendo would hand this concession to their rival is another question.

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koehler832794d ago

Built in projection is stupid. Everything else is a PS3.

Why do you want or expect Nintendo to release a product that's been on the market for 4 and a half years? What would they call it? "We Too"

It's clear that Nintendo's going to have to get something unique going for them or they have no reason to consider bringing out new hardware. Their own 4 and a half year old machine is still selling at a significant profit. They can sit back and watch the money flow in.

Baka-akaB2794d ago

seriously those "we dont know squat , yet let make stuff up" articles are always ridiculous .

They couldnt even get it right for the 3ds or ngp , they wont suddenly for any upcoming console .

mamotte2794d ago

1. Blu-ray - MOAR POWER

2. Improved processing - MOAR POWER!

3. Improved storage - MOAR POWER!!

4. Full HD HDMI support - MOAR POWER!!!

5. More gesture controls - Wii Motion Plus

6. Improved online options - MOAR POWER!!!!

7. 3D - (technically) MOAR POWER!!!!!

8. Built-in projection - A rumor for the web

Come on, we all know Nintendo never focus on the "more power" strategy, can the internet think on something original, like nintendo does? Meh, I cant either.

matey2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

The wii is the 1st time nintendo havnt been the most powerful cube was the beast of that gen did texture passes the other two could only dream of m8.
Twilight princess rivals some games this gen on the Hd platforms.
Your hoping that nintendo dont make a beast as u have them down as a low end graphics outfit and its not true when nintendo make a machine for graphics its always better than the competition they have wii thats a legacy console like ps2 so it will carry on for 6 more years easy.
Its obvious that nintendo are doing what they said they might do ages ago a dual console stratagy 2 ds's and 2 wii's.

mamotte2794d ago


Still, in that gen. the xbox was more powerful than the Cube. I'm talking about lately, when Nintendo didn't use HD graphics and stuff, the wii didn't take the "evolution line" that PS3 and 360 has taken.

I'm not saying that I dont want Nintendo to make a beast, and I know that Twilight Princess rivals graphics in HD, but's that because of it's art design, not because of the power of the Wii. I still prefer the graphics on Wind Waker, for example.

It's just that I dont think Nintendo will "surprise" us with a horsepower beast, and, personally, I'll be kinda glad if it's that way. If the Wii were as powerful as a PS3 or 360, great games with really good art like Muramasa, Twilight Princess, Zack & Wiki, MadWorld, M. Galaxy 1 & 2, No More Heroes, De Blob, Fragile... and many others would never seen the day of light, because "the Wii is as powerful as 360/PS3! Let's do something close to reality!!" and would be full of gray, brown, COD and alike.

Personally, as graphic designer and illustrator, I'm happy with the "low power, use your imagination" Wii. But I dont think the next one will be a horse power. It's not the Nintendo way. Or... well, surprises still have a place in my heart :)

matey2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Everything hints towards a super console metroid developer saying it will blow ur socks off and leave your jaws on the floor.
Reggie saying it will be alot more then simply adding HD,Iwata saying if we had everything patented we would show it now.
The rumours that were around 2008 were pointing to project hammer and lots of mature games unnanounced to be put on hold 4 this wii2,hip Hop Gamer saying that every game can to be played in 3D meaning devs make the game in 2D and the console renders the game again all built in.
Dedicated servers on all games like pc and monster hunter 3,Huge online network dedicated servers on all games should tell u they mean buisness.
Oh last of all the console is meant to be super powerful compared to whats out now.

matey2794d ago

this article is another 360 fanboy downplaying what the wii2 will be it will be 5 to 10 times the power of 360 just with the cpu alone.