IncGamers L.A. Noire Hands-On Preview

IncGamers: We travel through time and space to visit 1940s Los Angeles and see first-hand whether or not the fuss surrounding LA Noire is justified.

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hennessey862771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

i really wanted that kind of game so i cant wait for this. heavy rain is a master piece and i have a feeling this will be to

the-thing-that-is2771d ago

it does sound a bit like heavy rain. i get the impression that it's a bit more open though. heavy rain was very 'do this, do that', this sounds more like you have goals to reach but you can get there in lots of ways.

whatever though. the screen shots and video look awesome.

iamironman2771d ago

jesus christ. this sounds pimp. mega pimp. mega mcdaddy master flash pimp.

CrazedJackPotty2771d ago

nice preview. game does sound good. i quite like that incgamer website theyve got some alrite stuff on there. good previews and reviews anyway