Assassin's Creed Comic Leaked (Spoiler Warning)

At the yearly EB Games conference, store managers were given this Assassin's Creed comic book after seeing a thirty minute demo of the game. The comic shows a lot about the plot of the game and it's basic concepts, so as not to give away any plot points or spoilers only the cover is attached below.

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kingofps34028d ago

What the hell are they doing with this game? It is awesome! Mixing "flowerbox" gameplay mechanics with different time lines and genre. Looks like a buy! :P

HeartlesskizZ4028d ago

where is the spoilers?
Im wondering if after you beat the game is like POP where you cant just run around killing some side enemies or have fun.

It will be nice if you can run around after you beat the entire game looking for some hidden stuff and such.

KoolMan4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

WoW. Is this just a side thing or this is the actual storyline?
Because theres a time machine and it looks like you got send back to the ancient times. I wonder how that turns out to be wow...

Jumping through Modern buildings and such. a bike to replace the horse
hahaha great..

stuntman_mike4028d ago

i dont know where the spoilers are but if you get to run around a presnt day city like in the crusade era that would be great.

skynidas4028d ago

this game is going to be awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.