Joystiq: Why the PS3's lack of backwards compatibility is upsetting

Due to popular demand Joystiq thought it best to clarify further why exactly, they feel Sony's move to drop backwards compatibility from the 40GB PAL model was at best misguided and at worst cruel to its consumer base.

First off, the cost to Sony for including the software emulation is very minimal. Though some people have cited the Emotion Engine and Graphics Synthesizer, both of those pieces of hardware were removed from the PAL design in late February 2007 and cost an estimated $27. Essentially, the software emulation has been running entirely on PS3 hardware for the full extent of its tenure in the PAL region. So that $27 that Sony is presumably saving by not using software backwards compatibility is misinformed.

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DJ4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

which included the EE CPU, the system RAM, the GS GPU, the GS ED-RAM (yes, it's expensive), as well as the I/O chip. Really, if you want to play PS2 games on the PS3, just get the 80GB; if you don't care about them, get the 40GB.

*80GB still has GS chip, ED-RAM, and I/O chip.

Husso4490d ago

That and umm

So who are th e people that buy a 2k tv a 400 PS3 to play old ungly previous gen sd games ?

jaja14344490d ago

The people who might want to only have the PS3 sitting in their TV station as opposed to a PS3 and PS2.

Real Gambler4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

The PS3 is doing a very, very good job with PS2 games. I'm rediscovering some good old PS2 games and it's amazing how good they look...

But like many people said, if you don't care about the PS2, buy the cheaper version, and if you care a little bit, then trust me, you should pay more and go for the good old 60gb version while they last : )

One last comment: Another proof that quite often comments from a blog are not to be trusted... This gentlemen was saying there was no PS2 hardware left on the PAL PS3, and then came back to update his blog with: "With some help from Engadget Japan's Ittousai, we have found diagrams indicating the switch from Emotion Engine + Graphic Synthesizer chip to just a graphics synthesizer chip, implying the software emulation was partially hardware-supported"

So from no hardware, to: "oops, there's some left"?

And sure enough, people have been quick to spread this (mis)information to other web sites as well...

dale14491d ago

hey joystiq don,t feel sorry for us in europe we won,t be getting rid of our ps2 problem solved.since the annoucement four people i know of have placed orders at game, best is they get points worth £15.00 off as well making it £285.00

kalel1144491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

I totally agree. I don't live in Europe, but this what I believe is going to happen. There are 100 million PS2's out there. Just keep your PS2, buy the 40 gig, and enjoy the savings.

ENNO4491d ago

How dare they say that when I can count the NO. of back cat games for the 360 on 1 hand.....

Hatchetforce4490d ago

It is joystiq, the most biased site on the web with ridiculous pretentions to neutrality. A recent article on Uncharted was reported and the remarks of the developer talking about the 1080p support were mentioned. A great feature. Joysliq punctuated the developers comments with 'Yay'? The word yay with a question mark? That was their snide aside? I won't give that site even a click of my mouse. Let them get their webhits somewhere else, I am not supporting.

Where was their first ever award for Consumer Skewering by the 360 RROD issue? With the 40GB PS3 people know what they are getting. Which is quite unlike those of us that bought the 360 in trust and instead were bent over for our purchase.

I encourage anyone interested in fair reporting to avoid all of the Joysliq sites and this includes PS3 Fanboy.

Snukadaman4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

hypocrisy at its best i say.

joystiq is a blog..where indeed sometimes their opinion dont like what joystiq says, do your own blog..this place, people with agendas on both sides have their news approved yes..big difference...but the gist is still the same...people putting up their opinions.
you call tripe like this news? I guarantee nothing like this is posted on either joystiq or kotaku..or hell even destructiod. so again big difference.

Hatchetforce4490d ago

Here you get stories submitted and approved buy the readers. This is a clearing house for news, not a worthless blog disguised as objective game journalism. If you can't see the ocean of difference between Joysliq and here then nothing can pry open your narrow mind.

Jdoki4491d ago

Personally I'm not to bothered about the loss of BC. It just means anyone who owns a PS2 will have to keep hold of it if they ever want to play old games. More than anything the loss of BC is an inconvenience.

But the issue I have with it's loss it because of statements like this... It falls in to the 'Rumble is last-gen', 'no multiple SKU's' statements we've seen.

"Backwards compatibility, as you know from PlayStation One and PlayStation 2, is a core value of what we believe we should offer. And access to the library of content people have created, bought for themselves, and accumulated over the years is necessary to create a format. PlayStation is a format meaning that it transcends many devices -- PSOne, PS2, and now PS3" - Phil Harrison, Sony, December 2006

PimpHandHappy4491d ago

on the same TV with just a few steps to turn it on. Its great! I have room for 4 different systems on my one TV! Its very cool tech

~~rooling eyes~~

WilliamRLBaker4491d ago

you cant play the ps2 on the same tv? u need to edit your comment, you make your self look bad with it.

and 2nd guess what your beloved company has said before that BC is an very important thing to them...yet now its not? lol thats funny sony lies and lies and lies and never delivers on what they promise.