Crysis 2 - Xbox 360 vs. PS3 stunning video comparison (retail) - 720p

A new video shows the retail versions of Crysis 2 for PS3 and Xbox 360 in comparison. They are showing the intro and the first level from both versions.

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linko18-19902766d ago

Its very hard to tell the difference for me.

Pixel_Pusher2766d ago

Only a few more hours to go, hurry up UPS! >:[

SIX2766d ago

Indeed. Developers did not lie. I now see why they took such offense to the IGN preview.

Paladz2766d ago

It's the exact same copies of PS3? Both videos shows "Press O to Crouch", and I am pretty sure Xbox360 doesn't have an O button.

linko18-19902766d ago

i just watched the vid again and its not an O its a B inside of a circle so yeah its legit 360 vs PS3

eliasg2766d ago

Crysis 2 is a great example how a multiplatform game must be done.

Congrats Crytek!!!!

mcstorm2766d ago

Looking good bring on Friday.

AKS2766d ago

Hmmm, looks pretty similar. Both actually look pretty good.

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