Final Fantasy XIII Now Available For Pre-Order

Though not much is known about the game aside from its lead character and a few scant plot details, Final Fantasy XIII is now available from with a release date of November 30th, 2008.

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btkadams4486d ago

could be random and totally wrong, but it also could be possible.

Droynas4486d ago

I've been able to preorder this game a long time ago from a shop here ;)
They even take preorders to Final Fantasy XIV haha

SimmoUK4486d ago

Sorry but did you see what Final Fantasy did for PSP recently, like that game is going to sell a truckload for PS3...

Let's see how man y pre orders this one gains over the coming year...

smart_head4486d ago

Wow! I was looking forward to a mid 2008 release. Ah well, MGS4 and MGO are going to keep me busy for quite a long time :)

PSwiielite4486d ago

Well I doubt we see this even in late 2008 but I've been wrong before.
I haven't liked a FF game since FFVIII (X was okay, but you know) but maybe this one will change that.

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The story is too old to be commented.