Yakuza 4 - *SPOILER* Money Lending Side Story Gameplay

A beautiful Asian woman bathing naked in a tub of cash would seem like a dream come true, unless of course the money was scammed from you.

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LightSamus2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

I wonder how many people will click on this just because they saw the woman in the bath...

I've never played a Yakuza title before but this does look pretty cool from what I've seen.

Cloudberry2794d ago

If you interested in one, you could ask me about the game via Private Message in this site.

Or if you have GAMEPOT / GAMEFAQS account, you could ask them in Yakuza 4 message board.

RandyFanboiz2794d ago

This is honestly the first time I've even watched a clip from this series. I figured bathtub full o' money would be a great time to give it a peek.

No offense.... I know there are many fans of the series and it has quite a cult following...But to me this looks like it could/should be released on the ps2. It looks like something I wouldve enjoyed 10 years ago, maybe Ive just been spoiled by all the advances in games over the years. Text bubbles? Sheesh.

Dont flip out, thats just my opinion. I'm sure its a lovely little game.

goosepoose2794d ago

yeah it is kind of shit. I do not like the old school arcade combat style.

Mmmkay2794d ago

yeah, i've played for 8 hours now and that's it. no more. the graphics are a little prettier than the last game, but nothing else has changed. same old, same old. might as well have gotten effing homefront...

Redempteur2794d ago

If you Think you could render the town of kamurocho with so much people on screen ON PS2 then i really want to see the game that did that last GEN .

Text-box is obvious when a game has so much content ..why don't you want a voiced menu as well since it's so painfull to READ

CernaML2794d ago

Well said. It's like the time I saw dumb people saying that the PS2 GTA series could be done on the N64.