MS answers Sony 40 GB PS3 New Xbox 360 Bundles

So there is to be allegedly the following offers:those already well-known Xbox 360 Arcade core version is introduced on 03 November 2007 and replaces the present core version. Core with HDMI port, 256 memory card, Wireless Controllers, 1 year Xbox LIVE ONE and the five Arcade games boom boom Rocket, Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2, contained of UN, and pac-man, at the price of 279,99.

The Xbox 360 Premium VALUE luggage is to cost 349 and likewise on 03 November 2007 appear. In it a Xbox 360 Premium and the two plays Forza 2 and Viva Pinata is contained. (allegedly some dealers think over it after the plays for separating and to sell the console alone for 300 euro).

Activision and Microsoft bring a Call of Duty 4 Bundle. The price for it is to amount to 385 and to contain apart from the play a Xbox 360 Premium with wireless Controllers and HDMI connection. Also this package will appear allegedly at the beginning of November.

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BLaZiN PRopHeT4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

this is what it breaks down to.

Arcade Core: 279.99
HDMI, 256 Memory Card, Wireless controller, 1 Year Xbox Live, Arcade disk containing 5 arcade games.

Premium Bundle: 349
360 Premium, Forza 2 and Viva Pinata.

Premium Standalone : 300
Premium 360

CoD4 Bundle: 385
Premium 360, HDMI, CoD4, Forza and Viva Pinata

not sure if any of these will see North America.

Edit: @Snukadaman there was no mention of COD4 i think if they added that to the deal it would sell like crazy in the states. and a premium 360 for 300 would sell also.

wageslave4490d ago

"Arcade disk containing 5 arcade games"

I hope they release this to retail. Xbox LIVE Arcade Unplugged Volume 2?

solidt124490d ago

ha ha! or at least it should contain the shipping box.

Primetimebt4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

XBOX= $350
40Gb= $400
XBOX Breaking- 6 weeks without a console
PS3 Breaking- priceless.

I think speaks for it self

Snukadaman4489d ago

300 for a premium is cool but with m$ piss poor price drops maybe not....i love how 3 people actually disagreed with me for showing the bundle thats out on the 9th...i didnt show no sort of opinion...ahh well.

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felidae4490d ago

they can cut prices like they want... real gamers want a PS3, sorry MS

Sayai jin4490d ago

Wow, so you mean that everybody that owns a 360 or Wii, or PS2, etc is not a real gamer? What about people who own 2 or even all of the current platforms? Come on, you can come up with something than that. These companies will always find a way to counter on another.

TheMART4490d ago

Huh? Real gamers want a system without any games?

Explain that to me idontcare. You sound like a moron. Is the gamestore you're selling games in funded by Sony?

tatotiburon4490d ago

real gamers wants real games...PS3 doesn't have any

TheExodus4490d ago

I think sales figures over the last year prove that "real gamers" want a Wii. That having been said, I've been mulling over a 360 purchase since Space Giraffe was released. Problem is that neither SKU really appealed to me. The core has no wireless controller or HDD, but appearance appeals to me while the premium has a wireless controller & HDD, but I have an insurmountable aversion to chromed plastic. Come November one of the arcade SKUs will be coming home with me, provided MS doesn't go & chrome the DVD tray.

Vertius4490d ago

You still flipping the "No Games!" card?

You should keep up with the releases. I'm getting seven games for my PS3 over the next three months. No games, eh?

funkysolo4490d ago

I hate these xbots that claim PS3 don't have any games...What games are they playing besides Halo2.1 the extension edition and bioshock which anyone with a PC can play. Everything else is on the PS3. Halo3 sucks by the way. I just finish it yesterday in one sitting, worst game I played this year by far(7 hours). Gears of war runs circles around Halo. Halo3 is garbage and I can't beleave it got a 10/10, I guess some reveiwers got there christmas bonus early this year. 640p what happen to HD gaming, I guess it was supposed to be a xbox1 title

Nightrider1284490d ago

We all know your not a gamer any way so why does anyone care what you say? Because i really don't.

demolitionX4490d ago

if u don't recognize PS3 games, it's ur own problem to solve. I am a gamer since the commodore 64 PS1 PS2. gamers like me and NOT like u will pick PS3 no question, with the new PS3 price cut, it's cheaper. at least it has a blu-ray disc worth $400!!! MS is desperate...just watch up ur sh!t box get crushed in 2008. I will be here laughing at u.... hahahahahahahaha

Elginer4490d ago

I guess that means that real gamers like to wait and wait and wait for games. Guess all the movie watching keeps you busy. Oh wait thats not gaming, my bad.

Shankle4489d ago

You've clearly never player warhawk, resistance or motorstorm

lawman11084489d ago

And the 4 million with PS3 (and I have each) are right. You $ony bots don't get it, if the 3 RROD could not kill the xbox nothing will you know why? word of mouth. The system has great games that you have to play and now they all have HDMI (which I wish my unit had ) . $ony missed the boat and gave MS a year head start with a system that is easy to program for. Deal with it, $ony will have it's fair share of hits if it starts to MAKE GAMES.

lmao2474489d ago

your a real gamer if you own any of the next gen systems because they are all early in cycle and if you cared enough to buy them and actively buy games, which is hard on some systems, then you are a gamer.

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Spike474490d ago

needs to find a way to not get countered by ms's price drops.

if they make a price drop in america, they must first introduce the 40gb ,

and then later drop the price of the 80gb or make a 160gb around christmas incase ms plans on overshadowing the price drop with their own price drop.

TheExodus4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

I'm actually more excited about the "arcade" SKU than that pending 40GB PS3 & that's going to be a BIG problem for Sony come Christmas. That having been said, MS is actually starting to IMPRESS me because as time goes by they continue to add value to the 360 which is in stark contrast to Sony who seems hellbent on ripping any component out of the PS3 that isn't needed to boot a Blu-ray movie.

SofaKingReetodded4490d ago

the only REAL competition the PS3 has is it's own high price and Sony is starting to eliminate that. What pisses these xbots off to no end is that most people would rather stay last gen and just wait for the PS3 to come down than buy an xbox.

wageslave4490d ago

"the only REAL competition the PS3 has is it's own high price and Sony is starting to eliminate that"

Its interesting that you'd think that. At no time in the future will the PS3 ever be less money than the Xbox 360. MS will counter any price move to keep the prices roughly in line with what we see now.

This Xmass, MS added value and kept prices stable. PS3 removed value and dropped the price.

PS3 has many many problems besides price. Lack of downloadable games. Lack of GAMES (goto metacritic and lookup the scores on the libraries of the two, its not even remotely close). Lack of TV Movie offerings. Poor PSN implementation. The PS3 has terrible design, it just _looks_ fugly.

MS has free Internet TV. 3rd Party Devs love working with the Xbox 360. XNA Express is free for hackers, and the XNA-Tube is coming. MS is going to have new Television Series produced exclusively for Xbox 360. And on and on and on.

MS isnt going to be sitting still. They are anything but static. We dont even know what is going to come in the Fall update yet. But whatever it is, Im sure it will be MS pulling FURTHER away in terms of its overall offering.

MS is _accelerating_ its lead.

Oh, sure, PS3 has the MPAA/RIAA Sony Studios / BMG mandated proprietary format play...but hey.

My next desktop will probably have a HD-DVD and/or Bluray (my choice) for about $50, and I'll just use my Windows Media Center to play them over the network from my Vista Ultimate box. Cheap. Easy. Future-proof. Or I can get a HD-DVD player... if I _wanted_ (i dont).

Blueray, meh.

PopEmUp4489d ago

Why would Sony introduce 160gb ps3, don't you know that is useless to bring an sku of larger hard drive simply ps3 can upgrade to a larger hard drive even with the 20gb version ps3. It great for sony to cut the price of the 80gb version of ps3 to $499 and than bring the price of the 60gb to $399 with a bundle of one game (uncharted drake fortune or rachet and clank 0r warhawk with b-headset. Anyway about x-box 360 fanboy saying that ps3 have no games, um are you stupid or what? Cause what I'm seeing it that You are, ps3 have great but if not the best, games like resistance fall of man, motorstorm and warhawk I can't see your point of saying Ps3 no games, and even if ps3 have no games why it still sell and x-box 360 keep competing with console have no games and if ps3 do have games it like x-box 360 will be competitive to ps3 than would it?

For though of you saying resistance fall of man is not as good well is because you has never played or even own the games So why don't you guys just STFU because all you guys just talk shiit because you don't owned or play the game

HarryEtTubMan4489d ago

Its a joke... 360 will never ever sell 50 million consoles... the biggest games have been released and it has been out 2 years now...16 million consoles?(not even that many) Most people dont care about Fps. The people that wanted Halo mostly bought a console and thats the only "KNOWN" game on the 360. Gears is just starting to somewhat make a name for itself. Like u wouldnt pay 400 more for a PS3 with Blu ray... all the best franchises, internet, everthing is better except u miss out on Gears. Halo is worth missing out on. I'm getting a PS3

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TheMART4490d ago

"(allegedly some dealers think over it after the plays for separating and to sell the console alone for 300 euro)."

Like I said already. A Premium 360 for 299 Euro. Doesn't matter if there is a PS3 hitting 400 Euro. Best and most games are on the cheaper alternative.

This Christmas will be 360 all over again

SofaKingReetodded4490d ago

yet the Wii overtook it in seven months?? yeah that's some demand there bud. I don't know what's funnier seeing you clowns get owned by SONY gen after gen or the fact that you actually believe MS ever has a chance in hell of beating the playstation.

Imalwaysright4490d ago

Who disagreed with Grinchy??? Ps2 still is the best console on the Market. For 1 360 AAA game i can name at least 15 AAA games for PS2. As a hardcore gamer i would rather buy a PS2 over a PS3, 360 and Wii combined.

On topic now. After PS3 price drop it doesnt matter what M$ does to save 360. Sony gave gamers the best library of games for 2 generations and i would be very surprised if even 5% of PS owners picks up a 360 over a PS3.

Snukadaman4489d ago

you dont think the wii being 250 bucks against the xbox 360 at almost 350 bucks has nothing too do with the wii selling more...way too live up too your nickname friend. the wii is in a worst situation then the ps3 with no games but it outsellls both the ps3 and xbox360. price has alot too say in what people buy, regardless of not having games.

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Jrome4490d ago

That doesn't seem to have as much worth as the PS3 40 gig o.O. The only thing appealing is 1 yr free xbox live :p.

wageslave4490d ago

Xbox LIVE costs less than $3.50 per month... the Wireless controller, the Xbox LIVE Arcade Unplugged-like collection are what makes it a super price.

Sure, the $50 worth of live is good, but a Wireless controller for Xbox 360 (and PS3) costs about $45.

reaperxciv4489d ago

for as long as you want, if you know how, paying for xbox live is no longer an issue for crybaby fanboys