Prediction: No More Wii Sports Included With Wii's

"I've been thinking this for quite some time and now am pretty much confident this is going to happen. Back at E3 Nintendo said that all future Wii's from November (I think) will have the gun attachment packaged into the main £180 box. The Zelda Cross Bow training is not really a game as it's so small and apart from the hardcore Zelda fans no-one is really going to care about it - I suspect the only reason it's packaged with the gun is to stop people complaining about how they brought a Wii and now have to shell out extra for an attachment when if they had waited they would have had it free."

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Nameless4497d ago

This would be a stupid move. Unless Nintendo puts Wii Sports as a game on its own & stuff & just let people buy it in store. But I think Wii Sports should stay with the Wii.

JasonXE4497d ago

are making so much money off the wii, why do they need to take it out? To sell stand alone copies of it to make more money? Oh well, atleast this is just a rumor.

the worst4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

damm thats 1 of the good games
because so many games sucks on the

Kholinar4496d ago

Ummm... it's a rumor.

I'm not sure how something that hasn't been done can make someone greedy.

Rooftrellen4496d ago

Two people calling Nintendo greedy if they package a peripheral and a game with the Wii, not just a game as it is now.

That would be like calling Sony greedy if they were to put in a controller with rumble and take out the controller without rumble, but I guess to some people, for some reason, more is less.

the worst4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

(reply) my bad

Rooftrellen4496d ago

I didn't even say anything bad about Sony.

I said that saying Nintendo is greedy because they're adding something is like saying Sony would be greedy if they added something, because I knew there was a 50/50 chance you were a Sony fanboy and would hate someone calling Sony greedy because they added something.

Looks like you just see what you want in spite of any logic.

Nameless4496d ago

Get off Microsofts nuts. What about Sony & them delaying games left & right & every chance they get.

This is fun

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The story is too old to be commented.