A Guide to the World of Halo 3 Multiplayer

"So you're on Halo 3's online matchmaking system, playing online. Congrats. You've played a few quick games and are ready to jump further into the online multiplayer world."

"But what to expect? What kinds of people will you be up against? What kinds of people will you be teamed with due to the semi-random nature of matchmaking itself? You just don't know."

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P4KY B4498d ago

Dont wear the God Damned hayabusa armour.


Well, I love HALO 3. I liked the campaign much more than Halo 2 & the multiplayer is unreal. I think the THEATER is innovative. Check out these screens:

Try these, not funny, just COOL armor perms. Finished up all my achievements & got the KATANA !! WOOT WOOT !!!

1st & 3rd fotos are Bungie employees, 2nd one is me in the final armor perm. ENJOY.

WilliamRLBaker4497d ago

that armor is so freaking weak, then again i play as elite and never spartan I tried to do it on halo 2 but the hit detection was off so i had to go back to spartan, but thats no longer a problem so i stick with elite full time now.

Chabbs04498d ago

I dont fit into any of them, although i do enjoy the occasional Ghost :)

doomsonyman4497d ago

halo 3 is a skinny belimic school girl campared to warhawks multiplayer its just no competion

iceice1234497d ago

Warhawk is so much better! That's why Warhawk has had over 1 million people online at once and Halo 3 hasn't even broken 40k online at once! I totally with you on this one.

WilliamRLBaker4497d ago

your giving halo 3 too much credit it hasn't broke 2k yet.
*rolls eyes*

dachiefsman4497d ago

wow this article was written as a dictionary and not a guide....nothing of interest to make you better at Multiplayer

Spinitus4497d ago

halo 2 multiplayer is better.