Crysis 2 Review: A Great Shooter - Not Perfect

Here's one of the first reviews for Crysis 2. It's says Crytek did a good job but it ain't a perfect shooter at all. Here's what the folks think about Crysis 2.

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badz1493510d ago

is that last sentence really necessary??

Pixelated_Army3510d ago

I guess the only perfect FPS is BlOps, right? lol Think I'll skip this review.

Paladz3510d ago

Once Crysis went to consoles, it got shit. Consoles ruining another franchise :)))

badz1493510d ago

IF (that's a big if, mind you) Crysis is ruined, the only party to be blamed is EA and Crytek themselves! consoles are there so you can put your games on it but NO ONE forced them to do so!

Paladz3510d ago


No, EA & Crytek aren't to blame. They run a business to make money, they go where the money is at - Consoles primarily.

The consoles are outdated and you cannot develop decent 2011 games on them, you couldn't even make decent 2009 games on a console, but since Console players aren't complaining, they don't care.

Console players who accept a shitty & buggy product are to blame, no one else.

badz1493510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

that's kinda bold a bit, no? pc gaming market is HUGE on it's own! sales data from any firm like NPD can't be taken seriously when it comes to PC games as they are not tracking digital sales, which consist of majority of copies sold! so, there are no urge really to go to the consoles due to several fact:

1. profit margins for PC games are bigger than consoles especially via digital download because there's no need for retailers!

2. for FPS, although there are huge success on consoles like CoD and Halo, that's really all there is! many others don't even reach 1 mil let alone 2 and with overhead cost being expensive, it's more counter-productive than productive. that's why many small devs stay on PC and the bigger ones, just using consoles to gain extra sales with rare occasions like CoD where consoles are the main target.

3. steam for example, has the most number of players online at the same time and the market is really there and as an FPS, with decent marketing, success is a given especially for a title the caliber of Crysis!

so, in short, EA and Crytek are responsible for everything! Crysis 1 and Warhead were not on consoles but you don't hear any console gamer complaining. EA/Crytek decided to give the taste of Crysis to console crowd and are not looking like they are doing it half-heartedly. it's all about expanding the market a little wider but to put the blame on gamers is wrong in so many ways!

Paladz3510d ago


You have no actual numbers if the profit margin is bigger, seeing as Steam(Valve) also takes a cut for their sales, however it's more convinient than shipping it to retail stores and Steam has a wider audience than local retails.

CryTek didn't let you "Taste Crysis". They took a PC success, remodeled their engine for console games. The PC version you will see are a console port with optimized graphics, this game was not build for PC but for consoles, get your facts straigth.

Crysis will have terrible sales on PC & a terrible concurrent playerlist. Watch in one week and you will realise this.

Crytek & EA is only to blame as far as making a console version concerns. If they had continued to make the game a PC-exclusive it would be so much better in every way. Just take a look at the DX11-patch which hasn't been given an ETA on, that would have been in the retail version if it was a PC title.

Console players aren't picky, you allow developers to be lazy and you don't care for graphics. It's like having the money to buy a Ferrari, but settle with a Lada because you don't really care about your comfort.

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General Shrooms3510d ago

Nothings perfect, no one expected Crysis to be the best shooter of all time.

Calm Down Sunshine3510d ago

Except maybe Crytek, but judging by this score it looks like they didn't do too badly.

CherryLu-Chan3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

I'm not sure i've ever played a perfect game.

In fact, sometimes it's the imperfections that make it. Shows the developer has been reaching, trying to take risks.

Just plain *entertain me*.
Give me a story I can get lost in, moments that i'll remember for always, take my breath away, give me shivers.
That's what I look forward to.

Very excited for this game.
Roll on Friday.

Quagmire3510d ago

No such thing as a perfect game. Sure there may be a game with the best story, a different game with the best graphics, another game with best sound, etc, but never a game with the combined elements of perfectionism. You're right in saying its the imperfections which make the game. Its what gives it its own personality.

Sitris3510d ago

Sweet score, I'm picking up the PC version on ozgameshop. Yay!

RockmasteR3510d ago

there is no perfect game
and they gave it 9.0 that's very good enough
I don't think any game deserve 10 score because they can't do everything right

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