SOCOM 4 Beta Available to PlayStation Plus Members Today

RespawnAction: "PlayStation Plus members, rejoice! You now have the opportunity to test out the newest SOCOM experience from the guys at Zipper Interactive, SOCOM 4. While a private beta has been running since March 15, we are now running up the ranks of who's eligible for the beta, with the PS Plus members now stepping in."

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Aussiegamer2769d ago

Hell yeah will download this tonight. Been looking forward to this game.

Welshy2769d ago

AWESOME. thats 2 solid shooter with move support now

may have to buy myself a Sharpshooter =D

Nathaniel_Drake2769d ago

Don't forget RE5 it's really good with the Move

xAlmostPro2769d ago

Woo xD i've been waiting this, i was 50/50 about buying ps+ but then i seen they were getting this beta so i though 'im getting that' :D

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2769d ago

man, i wanna check it out so bad. im one of the killzone guys, gonna have to wait another week.

BiggCMan2769d ago

I feel your pain man, another week for me. Also, I thought I was dyslexic for a minute when I tried to read your username XD.

BattleAxe2769d ago

Its rediculous that we spent $60.00 on a game and yet we're 3rd just before the open beta. This game is pissing me off already.

tails132768d ago

Don't act so entitled.

You spent $60 for Killzone 3, not Socom.

If you wanted Socom that much, you'd have bought a months membership for plus.

BattleAxe2768d ago

I spent more on the game than you spent on Plus, and besides, Plus doesn't have anything that I want or need and I'm certainly not going to buy it just to get into the Socom beta one week early. When they announced that people would get access to the Socom beta from buying killzone they never stated that they were giving priority to anyone for being a plus member.

ThanatosDMC2769d ago

Just lost my PS+ subscription today. Thinking of getting a years worth or buy another game.

zgoldenlionz2769d ago

i just renewed PS+ for a year today. I went over to my buddies and played for about an hour and it sold me i WANT to play more SOCOM. looking forward to the changes hope they bring back some old modes eventually.

Schism202769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I still think the people who bought kz3 with the socom beta code those people should of had priority over ps plus members.

ksense2769d ago

well to be honest people bought ps plus for these kinda perks. you are just getting it as a bonus with killzone 3 and I dont mind if you got it the same week as ps plus but I would be mad if u guys got it early.

HOSe2769d ago

this article is just confusing. u wont beable to d/l it until 8pm est

Rainstorm812769d ago

exactly, i saw this article and hopped on PSN asap.

But to my disappointment....oh well i guess we will get the beta in the evning like everything else. Cant wait

Silly gameAr2769d ago

I did too. I should have know better lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.