Partial List of Japanese Voice Actors for Final Fantasy Type-0 Revealed

The Japanese voice actors for Queen, Nine and Ace have been revealed in Dengeki Playstation.

Queen: Ami Koshimizu
Nine: Daisuke Ono (Snow in FFXIII)
Ace: Yuuki Kaji (Hope in FFXIII)
Kurasame: Takahiro Sakurai (Cloud Strife)

For those wondering... Kurasame is a NPC school teacher.

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Warprincess1162766d ago

So why is this news again. Only a bunch of weeaboos would only care about this.

Stealth20k2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

shut the fuck up. This game is a huge deal to alot of people because its going to be incredible

You have no right to insult people with tags like that

DangerTick2765d ago

I hope Nine & Ace aren't characters that appear in your party. If so, then I hope I can get rid of them for better party members.