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Yakuza 4 is a long and rewarding game, delivering much more of the outrageous brawling and equally outrageous melodrama that are staples of the series and introducing three memorable new protagonists who can each stand proudly beside the charismatic Kazuma Kiryu.

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P_Bomb4331d ago

15 hrs in and I'm still in part 1 with Akiyama lol, just enjoying my 10,000,000 yen (thank you Baccarat) and painting the town red. So much content. Good times.

Simon_Brezhnev4331d ago

Im in part 3 at the moment Akiyama story is just lame the story gets real good in part 2 and 3. I just started part 3 im around 28 hours.

NewMonday4330d ago

Still with Akiyama after 10+ hours, at this rate the game will take me 50+ hours to finish.

Please tell me how to get 10m yen

P_Bomb4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Save up a mil' if you can, make a save near the Ryugojo (sp?) casino in north Kamurocho, buy 10,000 chips there for a million$, bet 1 or 2 thousand chips on a DRAW in Baccarat which pays 8-1 odds. If you win early then cashout and trade in your chips in the casino for some super expensive plates and then go sell those plates to the pawn shop in south Kamurocho for $$$. Save and repeat.

If you don't land on a draw, just reload your save file and try again. Larger bets give bigger payouts, so with a little luck you can do this really quick or it can take a while reloading saves.

Bathyj4331d ago

Does the game welcome noobs.

I've always wanted to get into Yakuza but have never tried it.

I suppose I should play the demo.

Kamikaze1354331d ago

Yeah, there is a very nice summary of the series in the beginning of the game in video form.

NewMonday4330d ago

3 characters are new; this is the most newcomer friendly Yakuza game.

This game plays like a JRPG in modern setting, so if you like JRPGs you will love this game.

banjadude4331d ago

@ Bathyj

I've played for about 2-3 hours... Yakuza 4 is my first Yakuza game, and it does a great job of helping us noobs out.

I just wish they changed the map, so you can freely zoom in and out.

Bathyj4331d ago

Thanks guys.

I better hit that demo than and see if its worth buying.

Its just I have so much to play yet LBP keep dragging me back. That game is limitless.

ksense4331d ago

the only problem is that the demo just shows u the fighting mechanics of each character and thats it so i was disappointed with demo.

jc485734331d ago

you can't really get much out of this game by renting it either. it plays a lot like rpg to be honest mixed with brawlers, so don't expect a 7 hour game cause you would want to do everything as the replay value is pretty high.

nix4331d ago

dude.. take your time and get Yakuza 3. it's great. these series has million things to do. finish Y3 and then get Y4. and yeah.. find lots'a time or u can just run through the story straight.

akiraburn4330d ago

Yeah Bathyj, what everyone has been saying is definitely accurate. The Yakuza 4 demo is actually a really bad representation of the game, because it's just a handful of fights and not the actual free-roaming story/RPG gameplay. Just like Nix said, take your time with this series, and consider giving Yakuza 3 a try first. The game is pretty cheap right now (around $20 USD on amazon and several other retailers last I checked), and it's a massive game with a lot of content (potentially over 60 hours). Things such as mini games (pool, darts, karaoke, golf, bowling, and many others), gambling halls, 101 Sub-story missions, Hitman missions, a fully developed battle coliseum, and much more will keep you coming back for more to do.

Yakuza 3 also has backstory videos in the beginning of the game (which can also be accessed from the game's opening menu any time), and those will help update you on the story and relations between a lot of characters you will meet in the Yakuza universe from all the events in Yakuza 1 and 2. Playing through the game also will give you a better understanding and connection with the series' main protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu. In my opinion, it's definitely worth starting there first.

Cloudberry4330d ago

Yakuza 4 English demo only have battle parts.

If you aren't enough with that, I suggest you to try Yakuza 3 first.

Either buy / rent it, Yakuza 3 would give you a clear look of this series & game-play.

P_Bomb4330d ago

The demo isn't indicitive of the final game at all. all. A rental is a better bet if you're not sure.

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Solbadguy4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

This game is my favorite game of the year so far.

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