Compile Heart to launch new countdown on Thursday — Scrawl

Scrawl: "Compile Heart, developers of PlayStation 3′s Hyperdimension Neptunia and the Record of Agarest War series, will launch a new countdown teaser site this Thursday, March 24."


Scans and new information added.

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MatthewFrassetti2772d ago

Neptunia was a cool concept unfortunately pulled off poorly. Hopefully this new game is different.

JewelTheif2772d ago

Wonder what it'll be this time... perhaps an NGP game?

Alexrubens2772d ago

It's an announcement for an announcement! ^_^

Kamikaze1352772d ago

More like an announcement, of an announcement, of an announcement


Tony-Red-Grave2772d ago

ROAW2 in NA please guys i beeelive >_< I WAAAAANT

Godmars2902772d ago

Just wish that games like this tried a more strategic angle rather than the HP sponge. Have it so characters can make support attacks which allow one of them to do a finisher, instead of everyone doing their best from the very start.