PS3 Exclusive Atelier Meruru dated for June 23 in Japan — Scrawl

Scrawl: "Gust Corporation’s next game in the Arland series of Atelier games has been dated and named in this week’s issue of Dengeki magazine. Atelier Meruru: Alchemist of Arland 3 will launch in Japan on June 23; the standard edition will go for 7,140 yen, while a fancier limited edition will cost 10,290 yen."


Scans and new information added.

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MatthewFrassetti2770d ago

Since we're still waiting for Totori, I take it we'll get Meruru in 2012.

JewelTheif2770d ago

Love me some Ateleir. Specially in HD.

Stunt2770d ago

NIS, give us some Totori, already.

Redempteur2770d ago

it's coming guys .. rorona was released less than 6 months ago and they just finished with tonelico 3 .

Give them the time to work on the localisation project .. besides given NIS track work , disagaea 4 AND atelier totori are obvious as potential releases ..

CrescentFang2770d ago

I dunno why, but since I saw Elise Rutas from Tales of Xillia, I have just been thinking about how adorable japanese game devs (well of course the credit must go to the artist) have been making their characters :D
Oh man, can anyone list anymore? I'm having a melt down lol