Achievement Unlocked: The Power of Narrative in Sports

Fight Night has accomplished something admirable in its latest iteration: it has injected drama into a sports game. Fight Night: Champion lets the player step into the shoes of boxer Andre Bishop in the “Hollywood inspired” Champion mode. You get to experience the journey, with all its trials and tribulations, of Bishop’s rise, fall, and comeback. Many familiar tropes are employed: the scrappy old trainer, the crooked promoter and the humble hero. EA successfully weaves these elements to present a story that fosters a greater emotional investment in the character than the standard Career mode would offer. It also allows EA to cleverly employ gameplay objectives in a unique way to accompany the story (win with your left hand after breaking your right, win by KO to overcome a fixed fight, etc). Backed by good character animations and solid voice acting EA succeeds in constructing a narrative that delivers a richer experience.

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Elven62793d ago

Don King's Prizefighter had a pretty dramatic singleplayer as well, even dealing with sports controversies such as boxers dying in the ring, bribes, and I think even glove mods. I can understand the graphics complaints people had but I think the gameplay was harshly targeted for not being a sim.