IGN: The Legend of Zelda's Best Weapons

Every hero's got their shtick-- a certain mode of dispensing justice that sets him or her apart from all the other heroes out there. The Belmonts have a whip. Leon S. Kennedy keeps a shotgun handy. Mario jumps on people's heads. Sonic's got the whole speed thing.

As for the Hero of Time himself, he's got a big, bad arsenal of evil-eradicating weapons at his Hylian fingertips.

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Bathyj2768d ago

I was starting to think the boomerang wasn't going to be in there.

banjadude2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Red boomerang ftw?

silkrevolver2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

My personal favorite was the gale boomerang from Twilight princess, but I guess the magic boomerang was pretty awesome too.

StarScream4Ever2768d ago

Hey... what about the Great Fairy Sword? Honestly other great swords make the infamous Master Sword look like an ancient relic.

Sigh2768d ago

God I want the next Zelda game so bad... please be soon...

MakiManPR2767d ago

Fierce Deity's Mask

Turns the attack button into the "win" button


Fierce Deity need to comeback