Concept art of cancelled Half-Life project

A developer's profile seems to have revealed a cancelled Half-Life title.

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boogeyman9992771d ago

It's about damn time for more Half Life if you ask me.

Pandamobile2771d ago

Looks like concept art for a mod.

xtreampro2771d ago

What's with all these cancelled games? Are all the major titles this gen being cancelled or what?

Pandamobile2771d ago

Surprise surprise, not every game makes it to release. This isn't a new thing...

Angels37852771d ago

Actually a majority of projects get cancelled. It just that we never hear about them.

qadsia1232771d ago

so there are more games getting cancelled then there are being made? doubt it...

Wenis2771d ago

Most 'games' get canceled in their prototype stage, so I'd hardly even call them games at that point.

karl2771d ago

they are just ideas for a game..

and yes.. there are more canceled than games getting released ... a lot more probably

qadsia1232771d ago

Never thought I would see a half-life project cancelled.

NCAzrael2771d ago

And you haven't, because there hasn't been a canceled Half-life project. This is rumor based on nothing more than some sketches some guy did that has no information posted with it to give us any context. Given the fact that the one guy has an armband that says C17, and City 17 was destroyed in HL2: Episode 2, I'd say more than likely he submitted some stuff that either got used or simply didn't.

gman_2972771d ago

I like the visual aesthetic of it, though. Looks like a mix of the brighter, yet oppressive atmosphere of HL2's City 17 with S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s depressing, dark world.

But it's definitely a HL project. The look of the guards and the C17 (City 17 if you're one of the retarded bunch) gives it away quite fast.

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