Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII Review 6.5/10

Blazing Angels 2 takes a different approach to its predecessor with its narrative; rather than simply trying to re-create historic battles, the second game in the series puts players in command of a secret squadron of Allied pilots that carry out covert missions in the midst of the Second World War. This has given the developer a lot more creative freedom, not just in terms of the game's story, but also in terms of the craft and weapons that can be used in the game. Players take on the role of Captain Christopher Robinson, a young trainer/pilot from the air force, who has been recruited to lead previously mentioned covert squadron. In the first mission, one meets Thatcher, or "Teach" as he is referred to, an older British pilot and friend of Captain Robinson, while Milo (the engineer) and Thorpe (a hot headed young pilot) join the team mid game. Much of the game is spent dealing with the threat of General Von Kluge, a particularly nasty homicidal German official. It's a pretty straight forward narrative, broken up occasionally by some pretty nice comic book-style intermissions – but the characters on the whole are a lot better conceived than the ones in the previous game.

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