Gamer Limit Video Review: Homefront

Chris reviews Homefront, the game that brings war back to American soil.

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qadsia1232766d ago

looks like a butt hurt korean pissed at the game dont get personal my friend...

thebratterz2765d ago

The only thing I'm "butt hurt" about my good friend is that the game isn't worth people's money :]

qadsia1232765d ago

your little American rambo blah blah blah comment gave you away and leave it to people who dont get personal about there games to decide whats worth it or not. Talking about bf and cod being too much for homefront to handle is irrelveant because those games last installments have been out for a while now and believe it or not people want a new FPS fix...

thebratterz2765d ago

I don't think you paid much attention to my review once you decided you disagreed with me.

I don't really get the point your making about me being too personal about the game. The singleplayer is awful... should I have just not mentioned that?

I actually said at the end of the review that gamers who are bored of the current FPS multiplayers and want something new should check out the multiplayer...

qadsia1232765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

How does that warrant a 5 then? FPS's are known for there MP not there SP your outweighing the key factor of FPS'S by SP this isnt dragon age your reviewing alot of FPS fans dont even play the SP first or sometimes not at all.

So review it like and FPS not an RPG the lasting appeal in an FPS is its MP your overshadowing that key factor by its SP do you think COD would recieve the reviews it did if reviewers had the same logic as yours and reviewed the game for its SP? its all in the MP learn that when you review future games FPS's...

thebratterz2765d ago

The singleplayer setting is the whole focus of Homefront and the only reason it really offer something unique.

The marketing was all about this setting: "Home is where the War is" etc. A lot of gamers will pick it up because of this and I want to make sure they know what they will receive.

5 is the average score for a game. Homefront's multiplayer is average in my opinion.