Bright Hub: Xenogears (PSN) Review

Bright Hub: Xenogears was first released for the original Playstation system in 1998. Although not as popular as the Final Fantasy series, the RPG received critical acclaim and a large cult following.

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Baka-akaB4873d ago

The best rpg ever imo . Even its flaws (the never finished second cd) overall add to its charm .

Enate4873d ago

I agree it is still my favorite rpg of all time and still has no equal. Suikoden II is a close second love of mine.

Xof4873d ago

Why in God's name is Suikoden II up on the PSN yet?

Maywell4873d ago

Me too... Xenogears, Suikoden II, Chrono Cross next...

Inception4873d ago

Even after 13 years, Xenogears never fail to impress me. Too bad, no one make RPG like this anymore. RPG with heavy stories & characters, great music, and great gameplay.

Baka-akaB4873d ago

yeah one of the few i wouldnt mind see remade in hd , instead of releasing a new game .

Inception4873d ago

Agreed, which is why i don't understand that SE not making some colaboration with Tetsuya Takahashi and his wife, Soraya Saga, for Xenogears sequel or remade. Honestly, Xenosaga trilogy are great series, but not in the same level with Xenogears. And Xenogears ending really made me curious what Takahashi and Soraya can deliver for the sequel.

Godmars2904873d ago

Because like the Dreamcast, though Xenogears has its fanbase - of which I count myself - the game just didn't sell well generally. Xenobalde is spiritual title in the series along with Xenosaga, yet they didn't do so well either. Saga was suppose to be six games but then was cut in half because of how it sold.

Baka-akaB4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

it's wasnt as great , but still great . I wish there was an hd remake of the saga trilogy too .

It received a lot of unwarranted flaks , and yet i'm sure it would have been a massive success during the ps3/360 era .

People just werent ready for such an episodic kind of tale . And wanted everything right now .

Godmars2904872d ago

Naw, if the game had been released now on the PS3/360, it would have been an utter mess. A mass Effect clone if were lucky, though given this is the current Square we're talking about, it might have been a better Star Ocean.

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thekiddfran4873d ago

Why are europeans constantly shafted in terms of psn releases??

Baka-akaB4873d ago

well they can't release an european classic that never was .

At least english speakers can easily get it on us psn .

thekiddfran4873d ago

I suppose i could order a us psn voucher from ebay

Dark_king4873d ago

Was a great game,even made saves apart of the story.Just didn't get enough attention from gamers back then.My friends kept taking it from me and never returning it.I think I bought it like six times for that reason.

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Please Square Enix, Bring Back Xenogears

Square Enix's interest in reviving its classics is the long-awaited ray of hope and the ideal chance to resurrect adored gems like Xenogears.

CrimsonWing69342d ago

Seriously, I mean if anything an HD Remaster. I wish they had the balls to allow the entire story to be made, but I get the financial gamble won't all for it.

Terry_B342d ago

Is it even up to Square Enix?

ZeekQuattro342d ago

Xenogears is Square. Maybe you're thinking of Xenosaga which is Namco.

Tacoboto341d ago

Possibly Xenoblade, which is Nintendo.

... Also my phone wants to autocorrect to a "XenoVerse", is that another Xenofranchise?

InsaneChronos342d ago

Please don't. I will not survive another "Chrono Cross Remaster".

on_line_forever342d ago

Bring back vagrant story & parasite eve

mrcatastropheAF341d ago

Agree but do Parasite Eve first lol