Why Bungie Left Microsoft

eFluxMedia reports:

Microsoft is famous for how bad it treats its partners and for its "moody" way of dealing with things, and the fruitful collaboration with Bungie is no exception.

For instance, back in September 2005, French developer In-Fusio had announced (in collaboration with Microsoft) the publication of a suite of mobile applications based on the "Halo" franchise created by Bungie Studios. But, according to the suit filled by In-Fusio in U.S. District Court in Seattle in January this year, . . .

With these details in mind you'll understand better why Bungie is so keen on breaking up with Microsoft.

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Mr PS34498d ago

Bugie left micro$oft!! Because(look at my picture)

JasonPC360PS3Wii4498d ago

Your probably one of those guys who scream and throw fits to get attention arn't you?

Nightrider1284498d ago

Wow how can a 360 fanboy like you live with your self.

And i know why Bungie and Microsoft split, its because Bungie is a one trick pony...and they realized halo sucks donkey nutts.

-CaT-4498d ago

I find it hard to believe that MS would treat thier cash cow developer house like "crap"..

Perhaps MS feels that they don't "need" Bungie since they own the rights to all things HALO?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4498d ago

pfft what good is owning the rights if you don't know how to make the game good.

mighty_douche4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

that might be one of their problems, there such a huge company that they dont feel they need to listen and take advice once in a while. thing is they need to remember that there plenty of other smart people that DONT work for them already.

-CaT-4498d ago

Bungie says "No more Halo from us" .. MS says "Bullsh*t, Halo is a must." , and viola you have an in-house Halo game in development.. Perhaps a partnership with Epic (or who ever is hot at the moment) to code and design the game..

Who knows what they are thinking.. Like I said, we may never know the real reason..

socomnick4498d ago

Epic making halo = ORGASM lol

HeavyweightInTheGame4498d ago

A great dev like Epic making Halo would bring innovative ideas to an already great series. Think about it. Using a great formula with new ideas would make the game only so much better.

gta_cb4498d ago

i wonder how long it would have taken Epic to make Halo 3 and if it would have ended up being better?...

gta_cb4497d ago

lol, how can anyone disagree with me saying "i wonder" if it would have been better. dont get me wrong i love playing Halo 3, i especially love the 4player co-op.

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dazreah4498d ago

How is this news, i don't get this site at times some site that has no idea the real reason why bungie left spews out some anti ms crap and this place laps it up.

mighty_douche4498d ago

are you bill gates mum or something?

dazreah4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

I take it back :) soz douche

mighty_douche4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

relax my friend, this is an internet forum not houses of parliament. lighten up.

edit : no worries dude, im guessing your new to n4g, it's an... 'interesting' site, but dont expect to much...

Squeezle4498d ago

This is, of course, only one person's idea... but Microsoft is exceedingly notorious for being a bully in business. They treat everyone like crap (even their best and "most valued" developers.) Case and point: Bungie. This is why I've never been fond of M$; they just don't care about anything but their money. This isn't to say that other companies aren't the same way, it's just that M$ has massive control issues.

unlimited4498d ago

even epic have problems problems with microsoft. im jus glad bungie left now they concentrate on other platforms too.

dazreah4498d ago

To be honest i don't see bungie working on anything other than the 360 for now, they have already stated this in interviews.

unlimited4498d ago

yeah it will be awhile..but still they can make games for other system if im happy about need to chill with all the halo games ...halo universe halo war and etc..let bungie make new games gezz..

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The story is too old to be commented.