Ray Maguire Interview: Sony UK MD Talks Price Cuts

So, as of Wednesday 10 October, the PS3 will no longer cost a whacking £425 – instead, consumers will be able to choose between a 40Gb version with various extraneous bits and PS2 backwards-compatibility removed for £299, or the full 60Gb version with two games for £349. Hurrah!

But amid the new-found temptation of a much more affordable PS3, are people confused by any of this? As ever, Spong went straight to the horse's mouth: SCE UK managing director Ray Maguire, to discuss the differences between the two PS3s, how Sony was able to cut the price and what this means for the future. Maguire, as ever, was bullish about the PS3's prospects, and was keen to stress that Sony has been listening to prospective customers. This is what he said.

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EZCheez4490d ago

I love the "pick and mix" idea. It should be like that everywhere.

drtysouf214490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

SPOnG: Sony has taken flak on the Internet for the PS3’s price – even from people who were committed to the PlayStation brand. Do you think this price-drop will help bring them back into the fold?

Ray Maguire: Yes I do. But price is a big issue for everyone. You only commit to something once you decide it’s worth it. For the early adopters, they are the ones who understand every part of our product and what it can do. For the people who are one step behind on their understanding of what PlayStation 3 can do, price is a big factor. But we’ve listened to that, we’ve reacted to it, and we’ve produced a product which addresses all those needs.

That was very well said and so true. I was one of the lucky 10 people at my local gamestop to have my PS3 on preorder for launch day. I had researched the PS3 many times before and i honestly felt at $599 i was getting a steal of a deal with all that was built in and all that it was capable of doing. Though to many even knowing what it is capable of $599 is still out of their budget.

I think if Sony had a better advertising and marketing approach to educate consumers on the value of the PS3 a lot more people would have purchased one by now.

I'm waiting for the $399 40GB USA announcement and i will be picking up my 2nd PS3 for my bedroom LCD.

Meus Renaissance4490d ago

And Bladestar are really trying now to be real contributors and present themselves neutral in some regards. Kudos to them

drtysouf214490d ago

but i think that Sony is doing a great job of removing all the gripes and complaints that people had about the PS3. So negative news will become even more rare to find.

Meus Renaissance4490d ago

"SPOnG: Recently, the PS3 and Xbox 360 have been pretty neck and neck, until Halo 3 came out, and the Xbox 360 had a sales spike. Are you looking to outsell the Xbox 360 for the rest of the year?

Ray Maguire: Obviously, there was a big price differential between us and our competition, and that has now been eroded. With that, and looking at price elasticity, one would expect us to start outperforming them, yes."

pwnsause4490d ago

well PS2 Software BC has been removed, other than that, people should b$$$$ about price anymore

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The story is too old to be commented.