How the Videogame Industry is trying to Stop Gamestop

Even videogame executives are haunted by the boogieman in their dreams. But this isn’t the same monster that scares children. The executive’s personal monster comes in the form of Gamestop. This is because a customer buying a used game instead of a new one is the biggest losses to revenue, since developers get 0% of the profits from such a transaction. In the past there wasn’t anything the executives could do because used game sales aren’t illegal and there wasn’t any way to get people to hold onto their games without it being an ultra kickass game. That all changed with the rise of console internet connectivity....

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GrieverSoul2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

We will see who is the biggest "monster" when consoles get digital distribution only and we will still pay the full 70€ per game.

Developers are concerned about their profit on a used disc based game but ironically, their digital version costs way more than a disc version of it. Discs are good since multiple retailers can sell them allowing competition and better prices for the consumers. In a scary future when all games are download only, we will get games from a single vendor. He will make his price and thats it. No competition means the price will always be right in their eyes and they wont go down anytime soon.

Mark my words! When games get digital only we will pay more money for them!

BigPappaPump2793d ago

I'll quit gaming if that day ever comes.

GrieverSoul2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

@ all the disagree:

Prototype DISC version for PS3 costs 15.95€

Check your PS store and see how much they ask for it now.
Never mind I´ll just tell you 39.99€.

doctorspakles2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Accidentally hit disagree but I totally agree with OP. Let me actually buy something physical so I actually own something.

Winning2793d ago

Full DD is further away than you think

Twilightx72793d ago

With the Steam platform being as wildly successful as it is, I think you might be wrong about the "further away than you think" part. Sure, it might still be a bit of a ways off, but not nearly as far as you might think.

Zashule2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )


But the difference is that you couldn't trade in PC games even if you owned the physical copy. So aside from collectors, what are the ups to owning a physical copy. Combine that with Steam's lack of DRM compared to XBL, you lose your Xbox, you can only transfer licences once a year. You want to play that game over at a friend's house? Good luck! Combine that with the fact that Steam's prices are better than retailers, it makes XBL Games on Demand look like a joke! Halo 3 is $30 on GOD, but you can go to Wal-Mart and get it for $20.

I doubt that Consoles will end up like Steam anytime soon. They are making progress, but as shown with the PSPGO neither Devs or Customers are willing to give up physical copies.

Winning2793d ago

so how far are we thinking? I'd guess 20 years.

Baka-akaB2793d ago

Funny things is i have yet to see a digital game cost 70$ .

And steam deals are easily better than anything retail so far .

Sure psn and xbl arent there yet , but with services like steam and to impose DD , they'll have to fold and actually discount games , while releasing them at the same time , eventually

Trroy2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )


You don't seem to understand the fundamental concepts of capitalism very well.

Games will reduce their price to the bare minimum that is profitable, by nature of competitive pricing. Removing the middleman would be a *good* thing for gamers everywhere.

There are no bogeymen, or conspiracies revolving around stealing as much money as possible from the gamer's pocket.

truehunter2793d ago

Who needs car when we can use teleportation ??
Who needs fork/spoon/chopstick when we can use our hands.
Who needs TV/cable/movies when we can dream our own vivid detail.
Who needs pen an paper when we can use our mind.

Its funny imagine we dont have any physical copy of the product we buy ?? I think we be rich an spend less money.

egidem2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

In the end, the gamers are likely to pay more, but at the same time developers really need the money in order to make future sequels.

At the same time, I want GameStop to pay. In terms of buy ins, they really ripp you off. They are worse than your college's book store buy in strategy.

soren2793d ago

lol not worst the college book store u spend 200 dollars on a book and get 17 back noting is worst then that

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ReBurn2793d ago

I think that the executives at these publishers don't get it. What's going to make their games sell is producing something worth buying, not trying to control the distribution medium so that people are forced to pay. Do that and charge a fair price and more people will buy.

It's the mentality that a used sale is a lost sale. Just because there is no used copy doesn't mean someone's going to shell out full price for a new copy. Many people can't buy new because the price is just too high. Many people are in the position where the only way they're able to buy new games is if they can have the price subsidized by selling their used copies.

You never hear these executives talk about how many of their sales happen *because* companies like Gamestop offered someone money to offset the price of their new game.
They're perfectly happy to have Gamestop foot 25% or more of the bill. Then they complain because the games are resold and they don't get a cut.

$60 is a lot for some people, but $40 and $20 in store credit received by trading a month-old game they've finished is a lot easier to afford. My opinion is that if we were to go digital distribution only in an attempt to curb used game sales the number of new games sold would actually decline unless the prices drop.

slugg2793d ago

With this debate is the slippery slope that we are headed for by allowing game companies to have ANY say in what we do with something we purchase after the fact. Would you be willing to give FORD 20% of the trade-in on your used car? Ask DIVX how the pay-to-play thing worked for movies. People want to, and as of now, have the right, to do what they want with something they have purchased. People have been buying and selling used CD's and movies for years, and no one makes a peep about it. Trying to limit the sale of used games will just force more people to turn to piracy, which hurts developers and publishers even more.