XCMLive's XCM 1080p VGA box Plus PSP2VGA pictures and video

XCMLive has posted some video on Youtube of some media shots and videos of their latest gaming peripheral XCM which is the 1080P VGA box plus PSP2VGA. The video shows the unit working on the PSP Slim.

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HeartlesskizZ4493d ago

Nice. but I dont own a psp yet =(

Marona4493d ago

Holy crap... I'll make sure I get this along with a slim! =D

stuntman_mike4493d ago

nice but seems like a lot of wires to mess around with, also will you have to hook it up to a pc because my telly and pc are in different rooms or is it just for pc monitors.

Mikey_Gee4493d ago

I thought that box would have upscalled to 1080p and FILLED the screen.

My PC monitor has COMPONENT in so I will get the same results from the way I understand it.

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