Yearly Releases Hurt Quality

TitanReviews writes: As games go more mainstream are yearly releases just a money-grab that affect the quality of the games? David Cage thinks quality takes time.

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Dart892857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

One great example of this is cod.

ATiElite2857d ago

Yes they sure do and remember that the next time you whine about Halo God of War or Half Life taking forever to make.

Quality first!!!

blitz06232857d ago

Quality, yes but sales wise CoD still sells like hotcakes and that's what Activision only cares about

guitarded772857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I agree... not only CoD, but sports games even more so. Why not revamp sports series every 3 years and just release a major DLC patch with updated rosters and some new features for $15 - $20. As much as I feel CoD comes out too often, I really think sports games are worse.

Baka-akaB2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

depends wich sports games . Take soccer games , imo it's easy to see those , especially pes , featured more changes than the last 3 cod combined within a single new game .

At the very least sports games significantly update their graphics on a regular basis .. cod has been pretty much looking the same , according to some even worse , lately .

Tommykrem2857d ago

I don't think annual sports games, or to be more precise the EA line-up is worse than CoD. They're keeping a sky high standard at the current games in almost every EA sports franchise, but you do have a point. FIFA 11 was a bit too similiar to FIFA 10, and knowing that FIFA 12 will be out next year makes it less fun to invest in FIFA 11. Wish they'd make one every three year and back it up with DLC as you say.

HeavenlySnipes2857d ago

NBA 2k11 got better every year. S2k11 is WAAAAY better than any basketball game I've played.

darkdoom30002857d ago

Another im sad to say insomniac.

06- R:FOM - awesome
07- R&C:TOD - Cool
08- Resistance 2.... Eh, was a nice game, but definetly lacked the polish that R1 had (extremely noticable in the tower stage, where you fight the widowmaker, if you look outside, the ground below is just a picture taken from google maps. looks horrible.

Luckly they've realised their mistakes and done a 2 year cycle for R3. And opened up another branch for the new ratchet game.

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hiredhelp2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Id much prefer time in development rather then a anual game like cod.

and also if a game is not ready maybe give us a date in like say 4Q 2011 and not november 2011 then come to that 4Q to say the games been delayed. what im saying is also do away with Timelines. so the developers dont have to worry about deadline as i beleave that also plays a major role in games being not finalized then we see patches.

clearelite2857d ago

I thought that was a Patcher headline for a second.

Dynasty20212857d ago

I really dont understand Activision.

They're pumping out CoD like it's Rock Band, just a dying breed and they're squeezing every ounce of cash out of it before it smashes into the ground.

They're so busy focusing on the profits they can make NOW rather than the marathon-attitude from companies like DICE or Valve or Relic, who release every few years or so and make SUCH BETTER games.

AND they have income from could they want more each year?

It must be a contractual agreement with stock holders or something. There must be a much bigger, underlying reason as to why they are pumping CoD out so predictably and at such a low quality. They've turned into the McDonalds of the gaming industry.

Yet people lap it up. They raise the price, doesnt affect is wrong with the gamers of today?

Axecution2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Though off topic, Rock Band isn't being "pumped out", and i dont think Harmonix is squeezing it for cash. Harmonix has been making music games long before Guitar Hero. Most of the developers (Including Alex and Chris Rigopolus, Kasson Crocker [Freezepop anyone?] Godforbid, etc.) have their own bands, and they develop the charts as well. They're all just music lovers. I dont think they will ever stop. I'd kill for a sequel to FreQuency/Amplitude but i sadly dont think that's gonna happen.

Rock Band still gets between 3 to 15 DLC songs per week. I'm sure Harmonix is doing just fine. Especially considering the new Gibson licensed pro instruments, and their huge online community that never stops playing - including me. Rock Band 3 is definitely the best music game on current gen consoles and me and my friends play it all the time. >.>

On top of that, It's not like Rock Band is even milked. There's really only been 3 games in the franchise since 2007. Rock Band 2 was slightly unnecessary, sure, but Beatles Rock Band was a damn good quality game for any Beatles fan.

Baka-akaB2857d ago

seriously , you're way off base . Why couldnt you just say "pumping cod like it's guitar hero" ? Might have been more relevant then

Redempteur2857d ago

"I'd kill for a sequel to FreQuency/Amplitude"

isn't that rock band unplugged ( PSP ) ?

or did i mix up games ?

Morbius4202857d ago

no. frequency/amplitude were DJ/mixing type games for the PS2. if they made another one I'd buy a PS3.

Axecution2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Rock Band Unplugged was similar. Kind of. But totally not the same. It was all mainstream rock music, no remixing, no online, FreQs, etc.
Still a good game though :D


Haha. Hell yeah... I still play amp quite a bit :p

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