Mass Effect: 15 Minute Video Feature From Gamersyde

Gamersyde writes:
A few months and lots of games shows after our Army of Two GSD, we are finally back to talk a bit about Mass Effect, the massive Space-Opera from Bioware. A GSD a tad longer than usual, 15 minutes so HD fans better make sure their modems are up to the task, and rich in discussions about the beginning of the game that Pipo and I had the chance to try freely. We also talk about the character creation, the fight system and a few more things. Enjoy!

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MK_Red4488d ago

This game is gonna be epic. Epicly beautiful, epicly awesome and epicly big.

After finishing the fight, it's time to start the war.

socomnick4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Yes mass effect is gonna be huge . I hope people don't overlook this game and it sells well.

doomsonyman4488d ago

OMG WILL YOU STFU speak english for gods sake


Seen this vid, but good stuff. Everyone will know who Bioware is when Mass Effect hits 11/20/2007.

fjtorres4488d ago

At least everbody who is anybody. ;-)
The reason we're stoked about MASS EFFECT is precisely because it comes from BioWare; they have an impeccable track record.
They did KOTOR, JADE EMPIRE, BALDUR'S GATE and a bunch of other premium RPGs.

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The story is too old to be commented.