What Marvel vs Capcom 3 Should’ve Been

It is so easy to knock the final product of what dozens, perhaps hundreds of individuals put their blood, sweat and tears into. Whether intentional or incidental, those who decide to release a product to a market are liable to having their product reviewed, praised, demerited, hated, loved and everything in between. This is definitely one of those very times. Fret not, as I have no interest in bashing a product that was designed to appease millions.

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Assassin Nawabi2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

ya after waiting all those years, final product was a bit disappointing

UnSelf2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

just the mere thought of entertaining this hypothetical MVC3 is much more enjoyable than playn what they got out now

Dart892771d ago

Is it just me or is MVSC2 more fun to play than MVSC3 I guess cuz of the lack of fighters.

gameguru2771d ago

i totally agree, mvc2 was way much more fun, hope capcom somehow fixes the franchise in future

truehunter2771d ago

Agree mvc3 seem off balance. i usely play when im drunk an fac a 30/20 fighter. the rank of SF4 was better then mvc3. surely the unbalance of the game i manage to win with 70% win sure too luck.

TruthbeTold2771d ago

While I also have been disappointed by this game, 150 characters would have meant an extremely broken game. No way around it. MvC2 was lucky in that it was broken in all of the right ways, but 150 characters would have been playing Russian Roullete for Capcom.

UnSelf2771d ago

intensive listening coupled with dedicated research and consistent patching wouldve kept the game very balance.

honestly speaking u can nitpick any fighting game and call it unbalance on some level.

the only reason mvc2 was "unbalanced" was from the exploitation of simple glitches that couldve been easily patched.

darkdoom30002771d ago

I hated the fact that characters only have 1 costume
(colours =/= cosutmes)

I understood why, they didn't have the time to make- OH WHAT!? costume DLC a week from release!

I would have been ok with it if it shipped with 2+ costumes for each character. but no. dam munny grabbing capcom.

It's what presuaded me to wait for MK9.

Nawabi2771d ago

i feel your pain man! i hate these DLCs... just put the damn content in the disc man

Otheros002771d ago

Maybe they are on the disk. Remember what happened to SFIV DLC(Disk locked content).

gameguru2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

but i guess capcom must've learned from the customer backlash back then regarding re5 on disc dlc

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The story is too old to be commented.