Crysis 2 Multiplayer: SkyLine Retail Version(PS3)

This is the skyline map that was in the beta In this vidoe we show you the same map but how it actually looks on the disc.Textures looks much better than the demo and no more frame rate issues.
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Pixelated_Army2793d ago

Can't really tell from that compressed youtube vid but the map looks a lot better than in the demo and framerate seem to be holding steady( for both SP/MP)

Pier 17 also looks really good and has better textures and more detail than in the beta as if that was possible but it's there. : )

Awesome game I'm loving the experience and the story is has me hooked. Still haven't finished the SP but so far it's a really good offering from Crytek. And considering that this is their first console title tremendous first effort guys, congrats. Can't wait to see what they can do with the hardware now that they have had some time to play around with it. But no doubt it's going to be good!

carter202794d ago

seems servers are stable but not many can be online lol we shall see come release i know this game will look good on 360 and ps3 and mind blowing on pc

starchild2793d ago

It does look freaking amazing on PC, but props need to be give to Crytek because it still looks extremely good on the consoles.

jazzybaboon2793d ago

this game looks bad on my pc

theonlylolking2793d ago

The video was the 360 version and they got rid of detail loading when the game starts(like in unreal engine).