RobotGeek Review : Yakuza 4

Summary :

Yakuza 4 could have stood to drift a little from previous games in the series by embracing new trends in gaming, but it still manages to maintain integrity and provide a unique experience within a genre clogged by Rockstar carbon copies.

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showtimefolks2766d ago

as a huge yakuza fan i will pick this up for sure

i want the new yakuza game from japan with guns and zombies

imarockstar2765d ago

The demo for Of The End (the zombie one) was pretty cool. kinda weird at first but def. something to check out

MasterChief36242765d ago

In the preview thumbnail, I totally thought that was Madison Paige from Heavy Rain on the far right. And then I was like "Woah! Heavy Rain 2?! :D"

But alas...

SilverSlug2765d ago

I just put in 10 hours in the game and barely scratched it. The writing is witty and great. They just don't make them like this anymore...

I'll wait for the next Army/Space Marine game to get a 5/5.

imarockstar2765d ago

I can't wrap my head around the fact of comparing this to a Rockstar game just because it's "open world" and deals with a "gang theme". This game is nothing like GTA. It's more of an action/rpg. It has an amazing script. Some things haven't changed since the ps2 versions like textboxes but that is something that can be easily overlooked with the fun combat, endless side quests, and diversions. I just started playing Kazuma's section and the subtle ways they have integrated the other games is genius and really sets this series apart from the rest.