Should Sony Consider 3D Game SKUs Or Do We All Just Suffer the Consequences?

Joel Taveras writes, "This certainly isn’t a new idea, more of a thought that’s been lingering in my mind since the announcement of Sony’s support of 3D on the PlayStation 3. You see, Sony fanboys unleashed what sounded like an organized internet “squee” when word spread of a 3D update coming to their console of choice last summer…using it as another bullet point of ammunition to fire back at their Xbot counterparts. While all this joyous celebration was going on no one took the time to understand how 3D can actually affect some titles in a not so positive light. I learned that recently during my review of MLB 11 The Show, and I’m pretty sure it’s only the beginning of what’s to come."

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allenhpark2766d ago

Whoa, didn't realize that adding 3D to a game means no 1080p. That's kinda lame.

And the 3D I've seen on the PS3 is nothing so impressive I'd be willing to downscale my resolution to obtain it. Meh.

booni32766d ago

I agree. I already own a 1080P TV but not a 3DTV so I would prefer the 1080. At least let us choose.

BrianG2766d ago

There essentially already is the choice.

The hardware/engine/developer decisions leads to the implementation of 3D and the final resolution of a game.

Just because 3D was implemented, doesn't mean 1080 resolution was scrapped. The hardware on the PS3 can support both 1080p and 3D, but it would be difficult to do 1080p and 3D at the same time. Obviously 3D therefore usually leads to a drop in resolution to 720p or another resolution.

But the 2D version of the game is not effected by the 3D version. Maybe the game lagged in 1080p mode, maybe there were other performance issues. I'm no developer, but I hope my short ramble cleared something up.

Kurisu2766d ago

"So if this means that Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception and titles like it cannot deliver the best visuals possible because 3D’s on board, well then that just sucks."

The screens I've seen look PHENOMENAL, I'm sure it will look amazing. Also I think making separate SKU's (3D enabled and non-3D enabled) is a terrible idea.

Danl2766d ago

Yup, because screenshots are always 100% indicative of the way the final product will look.

Kurisu2765d ago

I never said it would look 100% like the screenshots out there atm.

PirateThom2766d ago

The image, when presented in 3D, loses detail or resolution, this doesn't affect the 2D image...

BrianG2766d ago

Exactly. This is the great thing about Blu Ray, space.

Like KZ3, they can store GB's of the 3D videos on the same disc. I'm sure the same will apply for Uncharted 3.

Either way the 3D piece of the game does not affect the 2D version.

Why would I want to buy a 3D version of a game and a 2D version anyways? 120 dollars to play a game in 3D when I want and 2D when I don't want 3D? Seems a bit ridiculous.

djreplay2766d ago

This guy is confused I think, in any case MLB looks better at 720 than it does at 1080. Upscaling on a big tv looks a bit rough.