Section 8: Prejudice - Behind the Scenes Trailer

Realm of Gaming has posted the latest Behind the Scenes trailer for Section 8: Prejudice.

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Emilio_Estevez2768d ago

Looks pretty cool, the first one was a good bargain shooter, and if they can build on that then they can prolly keep making them, or even move to a full on retail version of Sec8 3.

RatherHavaBigGirl2768d ago

if this game existed on hardcopy i'd definitely consider buying it since its a fun game.

lowcarb2768d ago

Looks like something I would love to try out. The balance and scope alone are on point.

CrzyFooL2768d ago

That lady is annoying...but kinda hot. I am conflicted.

Fil1012768d ago

not for me thanx thought the first section 8 sucked and was the worst 20 pound i spent and the fact that it cost 20 dollors in the states kinda left us brits feeling abit robbed