GamesAreEvil - Optimal Viewing Angle: Hands-On with the 3DS

Is the 3D in the 3DS just a gimmick, or is this the next wave of greatness in portable gaming? Time for a hands-on look at the new hotness from Nintendo.

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bgrundman2769d ago

I am soooo excited for the 3DS!

BeAGamer2769d ago

no you aren't!

*hits disagree*

roblef2769d ago

I honestly don't care much at all about the 3DS.

Stealth20k2769d ago

i just preordered the black from amazon. I am excited. Its nice to see the next number 1 worldwide system before launch

Neo Nugget2769d ago

Dunno about number 1 worldwide, but it should be a solid system.

kneon2769d ago

I think he's right that most people will end up turning the 3D off. I found trying to stay in the right position to see the 3D was just too much hassle as it was trivially easy to move your head, the console or both just a tiny bit and lose the 3D.

TacoTaru2769d ago

I like to play handheld rpgs, new or remakes. They don't require a lot of head movement or any other kind of movement. Looking forward to it even though there isn't a launch game that I will bother with.

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The story is too old to be commented.